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Recent content by Nikolai

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    Unstable connection with servers in RO

    I played RO for a long time, a long time ago. Recently I decided to start again, but I'm having some problems. When I try to connect to a server, the loading map screen appears as it should, but sometimes I lose connection to the server during loading, and it stops loading, but the loading...
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    Can't play mods :(

    Some time ago, I decided to get back to RO by trying a mod. I downloaded Darkesthour, and I installed it and everything seemed fine. But when I tried to join a multiplayer game, the loading screen came up but the map never finished loading, and it didn't seem like my computer was making any...
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    ****ed up typographical symbols

    Typing in this game can be a real pain in the ass for me some times. The ? end up like _ and my smiley faces are completely ****ed. In fact, all symbols on my keyboard end up like a different one on screen in this game sometimes. And also since Im Norwegian I feel the need to use the last three...
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    Rude players

    I just played on Grey ghost of war map, where you can only use rifles or pistols, and I said, just as a joke, that it would be cool to have dual pistols. Then some guy says that I should stop my constant bullshit and I asked him what he was talking about, and he said : you know what Im talking...
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    Loading times

    In the patch description it said that the patch should decrease loading times, but it hasnt done that for me. If anything it has done the opposite. Another problem (has nothing to do with the patch, it was like that before) is that when I exit RedOrchestra my computer uses ages to finish the...