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Recent content by Nightingale

  1. Nightingale

    Increase Suppression Radius of Frag Grenades

    I noticed recently in-game that there is hardly any suppression effect if a grenade blows up less than 10m away from you. Hell, a lot of times I am pushed 5m across the ground because a grenade exploded near me and I still experience hardly any suppression. I think grenades should be much...
  2. Nightingale

    Performance Limit of ROStaticMeshDestructibles

    In the TWI Wiki, it says that going over 500 ROStaticMeshDestructibles in a single map is inadvisable. Could a dev please elaborate on exactly how this number was derived? I ask because I noticed that Red October Factory has something like 670 destructibles in it, so it seems to me like this...
  3. Nightingale

    Using both HeightFogs and ExponentialHeightFogs?

    Does anybody know if it's possible to have both an Exponential Height Fog actor and a Height Fog Actor active in the same level? For some reason, my height fog only appears when I un-tick the "Enabled" box in me ExponentialHeightFog.
  4. Nightingale

    Classic Mode: Squad Leader Weapon Selection

    In classic mode, (for Russians) you are able to select the PPSh-41, PPS-42, and SVT-40 at the role selection screen. In reality, you will always spawn with the Mosin-Nagant, but the role select screen is inaccurate because of this. I'm guessing the same thing probably happens with the Germans...
  5. Nightingale

    RS IJA player models randomly change to "arms out" pose.

    As often as twice per match, I will see Japanese soldiers change from a normal animation into a pose in which they are standing straight up with their arms out. Frozen in this pose, they slide around the terrain and are able to fire the weapon and many other normal things for a few seconds...
  6. Nightingale

    Allow Map Designers to Choose Peripheral Indicator Activation Range

    It has occured to me that your peripheral view indicators should not be nearly as effective in a moonlit jungle as they are on a sunny ice field. I'm currently working on a night time map with heavy foliage and I would appreciate the ability to scale the activation range of the peripheral...
  7. Nightingale

    PhysMats in RO2

    Could somebody explain how to go about using PhysMats with RO2 to me? I've tried playing around with them, but nearly all of the parameters pertain only to the physics like friction and momentum. I can't figure out things like changing the footstep sounds or how to allow grenade traps. Where am...
  8. Nightingale

    RS Materials and Grenade Traps

    Where can I go to specify that a certain material (or is it mesh?) is compatible with planting grenade traps?
  9. Nightingale

    "Sinking" Foliage effect

    I've noticed that some of the RS maps (and some of the RO2 ones as well) have foliage that sort of "sinks" into the ground if you are very close to it, presumably to allow you better awareness while hiding in foliage. Is this a material effect? How do I accomplish it?
  10. Nightingale

    Why does nobody play Classic in North America?

    Yankees and Canadabros, why do you think we never have any populated classic servers here? I don't mind connecting to the 40-1 UK Classic server when it's on as I still get an acceptable ping, but I've never understood why we don't have the same thing going on over here.
  11. Nightingale

    Level Reset: MGs can cheat pre-game countdown

    Reproducibility: always If you are a machinegunner (not BAR), you can hold R to enter the magazine weighing animation. For some reason, this allows you to start walking around before the timer reaches 0.
  12. Nightingale

    Classic Mode: Ironsights Zoom Bug

    This bug is reproducible every time. Stand still, then hold shift (while NOT aiming down sights). Then, right-click. The camera will not zoom when the character enters iron sights. It looks pretty cool, actually. Just thought TWI would want to be aware this bug exists.
  13. Nightingale

    Slow Death: Death screams make no sense

    The voices in RO2/RS are some of the finest examples of voice acting in any game ever made. However, they way they are implemented in the slow death animation really makes no sense and it breaks the immersion quite often. Here is how it currently works: Character enters slow death animation >...
  14. Nightingale

    Japanese Immunity to Spawn Protection Activation

    There have been several requests on this forum to alter the spawn protection mechanic so as to make it not affect players which are in the volume prior to its activation (that is, to make it prevent players from entering the volume after it has activated). It seems that, for various reasons, TWI...
  15. Nightingale

    Friendly Fire Voice Cue Flaw/Bug

    One thing that's always annoyed me about this game is if you fire on a friendly while no other friendlies are in your immediate vicinity, your own character will shout "Hey, that's one of our guys! Stop firing!". It totally breaks the immersion. Only your teammates should be saying this, NOT the...