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  1. Nicholas

    PC not working.

    My motherboard just broke, so I put my old HD and video card into a new PC, but the internet won't work, it says I don't have a driver for the ethernet controller I tried downloading some from my other PC, but it won't work.
  2. Nicholas

    Hardcore realism mode.

    I don't mind leveling and heroes and rare weapons etc, that may be fun in its own right, but I also want an EXTREME REALISM MODE , to counteract the free for all mode, while the "regular realism" mode can be more of a balanced in between. I want to see it where it is completely realistic, no...
  3. Nicholas

    Unbalanced classes.

    Yes I know its up to the mapper, but I just think that classes were so unbalanced alot of the time in Ostfront, I mean you would have most of the team made up of assault and semi autos, but then have 1 MG and 2 bolt actions, theres always snipers on close range maps but never on long range maps...
  4. Nicholas

    Satchel charges.

    Who says they have to all be 10 pounds? Why not be able to choose 1 20 pounder, or 4 5 pounders etc.
  5. Nicholas

    Decoys and mirrors.

    I want to see it where a sniper/marksman can use a stick with either a helmet, hat, or glove on it and stick it out over cover, and use a mirror to see where the shot came from. Yes, it would be a bit cumbersome, but thats why its not for close range smg spray fests, its for the marksman.
  6. Nicholas

    Financing vs leasing a car.

    What do you think is better?
  7. Nicholas

    Campaign mode.

    As we know, there will be a campaign mode that lasts the whole battle of Stalingrad, and that the commander can select how many reinforcements he wants to commit to a battle and whether he wants to defend or attack etc. I would like to see a more complex version of this.... Units: I want to...
  8. Nicholas


    Its pretty much the same thing as an MP40, but with some different aesthetics. I would like to see a random chance of either having an MP38 or MP40, just to keep things fresh!
  9. Nicholas

    Running speeds.

    In the game there will already be walk, run and sprint. I think with the mouse wheel you should be able to adjust your speed as you move, going faster would just take up your stamina more.
  10. Nicholas

    Custom squads.

    I want a system where before a battle, the commander can setup the squads as he pleases. So you could be simple and just have the whole team be one big squad, or have 3 ten man squads with mixed classes, or put all the assault in one squad, have many different small squads etc. Of course there...
  11. Nicholas

    Defenders having time to prepare.

    I would like to see on defensive maps, the defenders getting some time to prepare their defenses, like maybe 20 or 30 seconds, instead of having to sprint to front.
  12. Nicholas

    Street legal dirt bikes.

    I might be getting a street legal dirt bike, because you can go offroad with them and take them on the street, and of course they get great gas mileage and the bikes themselves are cheap. Do you guys have any recomendations or experience with this? I'm looking at Honda bikes.
  13. Nicholas

    Manual vs Automatic transmission.

    Which one is better in your opinion? Or do they have their own unique advantages and disadvantages?
  14. Nicholas

    Will you buy the disc version or the Steam version?

    When this game comes out, will you buy it on disc or download it via Steam? I'm not sure myself, the advantage of the download is that I can play it the very second it comes out, the advantage with a disc is I can hold the glory in my hands.
  15. Nicholas

    Car glue.

    Is there any kind of adhesive I can use to glue a part of the car exterior back on?