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    map selection issue?

    My Bro is having issues on end of round map selection it seems that it only shows one map at a time, one could scroll down and see the other maps available but only one is displayed at a time, and typicly this is the barraks map, so it gets played a lot. He also asked other players in game and...
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    FPS counter question

    I know the command for it is (STAT FPS), I was wondering what the "ms" numbers mean. When active one gets something like this. FPS 57 ms 27.3 what dose the ms mean? I assume it's milisecond, is this a ping indicator?
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    High Ping

    for the past few months Most of the games I play have been geting me horible ping rates (as high as 1,000). I have no Idea why it dose this. I have DSL, my computer is more than capable of running the programs (5200 AMD duel core, 2656MB radeon 3850 and 2 gig PC 6400 ram). Most of the time...
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    SdKfz 251/9 Stummel

    I was thinking about of vehicels thy could be put into Ostfront and I though sence we have the 251 APC for the germans and thy did make some 22 diffrent configurations for it. One of the configurations was the 251/9 an assault gun mounting the 75mm KwK 37 L24. basicly this is the same gun...
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    New computer need a XP cd key.

    Well I just got a new computer (to build) however I did not get a copy of XP for it. I do have a copy of XP but it's Key is in use allready. is ther a way I can get a second cd key?
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    Tactical Gaming

    Well I think this guy has quite a few Ideas that could be usefull in implmented in RO. (or any game.) any comments?
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    Tank penitration Data

    well heres a chart I made a few days ago as it seems most players don't realy understand the capability of the guns vs tank armor in RO The data only gose up to 1,000 meters (as the max draw distence in Ostfront is only 1,100 meters) but this is for compairsons for in game use as we are...
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    Diffrent Tank rounds

    One thing I would like to see is diffrent rounds for the tank guns. (other than what we have now.) It would be nice to have the option of -Do I use one of my limited APCR rounds or should I use a HEAT round insted? well heres a list of rounds that the more comen tank guns on the eastern front...
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    Steam isues

    Im haveing problems Dling any thing via Steam right now. for the past few weeks Its been Downloding for only 20 or 30 seconds at a time and the it lags off and then stops and the only way to resume dling is to pause the DL and then resume it. (or get out of steam and then restart). and it...
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    Steam Help

    I recently got a new computer so im DLing RO via steam (like I did with my old computer) how ever Steam starts Dwon loding and after a few moments it trails off and stops. I tryed every thing that the steam help section has and it dose nothing. so any help is usefull. (the drive with...
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    New computer

    well after a few weeks of trying to get my old computer fixed, me and my bro have desided to build a new one. (after all the old P4 1.6ghz was five years old.) well heres what we desided on. AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 2000MHz HT Socket 939 Processor Model ADA3700BNBOX - Retail 64 bit...
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    myths about the panzers

    heres a page that deals with some myths about the panzers. (including the Panzer IV F2 myth.) for more info on the panzer IV F2 myth (there was no AusF F2 thy where all AusF Gs!) and here...
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    what are thy saying?

    My bro asked me this morning what where the germans and soviets saying when you use the insult command?
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    A Preloade Qustion.

    I Preloaded this last saterday, with a DL of some 580MB (though it says that there is one 600 mb file and a 1.4 gig file in the folder.) now Steam says I can play as soon as its unlocked, Is there any thing I have to DL before I can play (like last min updates, filles that have'nt be deliverd...
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    Steam DL qustion.

    I've heard that the Downloade is some 610 mb is size, now is it like some sort of compresed file? can take this file and burn it to a CD as a back up? or dose it unpack it self when the DL is finished?