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Recent content by NatefullyBrie

  1. NatefullyBrie

    Add a few key features

    Just in case.
  2. NatefullyBrie

    TE-Volga Banks *Released*

    Whoa! Thanks! Is anyone playing this!!!!
  3. NatefullyBrie

    Have a real guerrilla warfare type of thing

    Where the vietcong actually have to weaken the US fighting ability and are sorta maybe inferior in lots of ways, forcing them to be sneaky and use tunnels and stuff. Oh and also, singleplayer campaign when when when
  4. NatefullyBrie

    Removal of chest harness and backpack for sapper uniform and scarf for nlf

    Whoa that's friggin badass man! The problem is like, the game doesn't really feature that scale of fighting, where the sappers would get to do that. The games just go by way too fast, without any time passing like night and day or days, and would usually last for like HOURS. The game tends to...
  5. NatefullyBrie

    Grenade launcher and 30-bullet magazine

    Experimental weaponry should not be a big thing in the game, but maybe a nice US Air Force faction wouldn't be too bad. They fought in the war, right?
  6. NatefullyBrie

    New factions

    I agree, this is actually an awesome idea. Maybe, maybe it would be good to have some of the factions mix with other factions on certain maps, as I'm sure this has happened.
  7. NatefullyBrie

    Add a few key features

    Civilians that inhabit certain areas and certain maps, that you may kill and or confuse with the regular NVA in some way. Slightly reduce the height of the Vietnamese characters, by at least a head. Some destruction would be nice, as in opening holes in concrete and other formations whether...
  8. NatefullyBrie

    A good way to WIN a game

    Just shoot anything you see. Anything. If it looks LIKE the enemy, blast it to pieces. You have at least 5 magazines of at least 20 rounds of ammo for any given intermediate or rifle caliber gun. You are an ARMY. Thank you, everyone. Ooo do not bayonet unless you absolutely need to, as the army...
  9. NatefullyBrie

    IS 2 greatest tank of ww2

    The Panther is a total trash heap. That is, the official title of Tank No. 5 or Panzer V. It can only drive 150 km without totally shitting out immediately! What a waste of a tank, you drive that distance in less than a day!
  10. NatefullyBrie

    Trader buying calculation bug

    In some cases, I cannot stock up completely (or just how much I can afford) on a type of ammo (rounds or grenades) because it just refuses to calculate. Like say, having 268 dosh makes me unable to stock up my SCAR to the point my money allows.