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    Flex ever going to be fixed?

    Physx have never worked on single-GPU in any game I remember.
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    Incorrect value generation when recreate a KFEngine.ini even with steam

    Same issue, on a Redirect server (and perhaps also on Workshop servers), players can't downloads mods files. The defaut value is False and we can't join custom servers from Epic or Steam client unless we change the configuration of the file...
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    After update 1099, players can't join any workshop maps?

    It work fine, thanks. And players can join my servers now ! Epic and Steam with Redirect server.
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    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    Unfortunaly, I just found out that Epic players are not seen by the last command. I'll have to wait for an update of gamedig. I will use gamedig --type killingfloor2 --host --port xxxx | jq .raw.rules.bInProgress instead of raw.numplayers for now.
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    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    Personally I have a cron on linux that shutdown the server if he is empty & older than a day. #!/bin/bash mapfile -t array < <( ps -aux |grep -oh Queryport=[[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]]) for i in "${array[@]}" do pid=$( echo `ps -aux |grep Queryport=${i:10}...
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    Epic Online Services Beta - Build 1098

    Since the launch on Epic Game is tomorrow I will ask the question. Will the Epic players stay on the beta or will there be a new release for compatibility? It will be hard to have players from steam to play with those from Epic since they need to make a change in a config file.
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    [EOS Beta] Cannot connect to any server [fix for now at the top]

    Changing the line in the client work. Thanks No issue with loading time for me (ssd ?)
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    [EOS Beta] Cannot connect to any server [fix for now at the top]

    Can't connect on any beta servers too, on lan or on a public one. Log: [0286.87] NetComeGo: Open TheWorld [0311.88] DevOnline: Sending out playfab request to url Server/RefreshGameServerInstanceHeartbeat with data: {"LobbyId":"11973599433391446903"} [0312.68] Log: Got JSON...
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    Server can only be found by IP?

    Hello, Check your config --> KF-xxxxxServer-KFEngine.ini && your command line for starting the server If you havent made modification to the NAT of your router, it's a issue with the server configuration.
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    Server is going disk-drive crazy

    Ok thanks, I was a little worried since the beta is here and I still see this issue. (y)
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    Server is going disk-drive crazy

    Please fix the disk usage on servers with custom maps. Before that I had 20 servs and now I can't get 2 without lag ^^