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  1. myzko

    Further work on optimizations

    Yeah, I feel like this is very much needed! My game is only fully using 2 cores and the GPU usage is on 30~40% With more optimizations I'm sure it would run oh so much better! :)
  2. myzko

    [Crash] The game suddenly crashes! ^ I have no dump file at the moment but will post one later if I have one more crash. What happens is that all of a sudden, the screen goes black, the sound goes "screeech" and glitchy, and I can't do anything.. Only hard...
  3. myzko

    I just don't know where to post this...

    I'm a old Red Orchesta: Ostfront player, and I finally got around to getting Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad during the sale this weekend and I dare say it was money well spent, I bought two copies actually - One for me and one for my brother, he never did play the original, but he sure...
  4. myzko

    [Game] Help me find this game..

    It's a space civilizations thingy.. I really don't remember the name of it :( It was sort of like "civilizations in space" :D
  5. myzko

    If you had too...

    Defend a fortified posistion, would you rather use a bunch of Maxims, MG34's, or a couple 'o MG42's? where they at?! Lets get this baby set up! Pixel sniping! Everyone wants maxims! I'd go for the Maxims :p
  6. myzko

    [Movie] Just a question about this site..

    It sends packets to Paramount Pictures all the time, whyyyy!!!?
  7. myzko

    [How Do I?] Monitor problem... arghh, how do I stretch the window on this bloody laptop?!?! :(
  8. myzko

    Forgotten Hope 1 (funny vid)

    I'm tired as hell, and watching this just made me laugh so much, I don't know but it just strikes me as extremely funny with all the germans in the plane, yelling as hell and preparing to drop on crete :D:D:D
  9. myzko

    Is is true that..

    The finns used Soviet POW's as mineclearers?:eek:
  10. myzko

    Games that made you cry?

    We all know that sometimes you might be able to shed a tear or two while watching a movie, but how about while playing a game? I have to admit I cried in the ending of Planescape: Torment Not because the game ended (well maybe partly) but because of the music, and just the whole story that...
  11. myzko

    Fallout Series

    Are there any others fans of this wonderfull game series? :D
  12. myzko

    WoW free 10 days :D
  13. myzko

    Games you can legally download for FREE :D Liberated Games is a website dedicated to cataloging all full commercial games that have been liberated and made free in playable form to the public.
  14. myzko

    Do you consider yourself good?

    Are you a good player?
  15. myzko

    Trashtalkin' YouTube It's great :D