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    [Error] Corrupted sound

    RO:HOS Corrupted soud after an hour of gameplay - YouTube Everytime I play RO2 for more than an hour, the sounds turns into this terrible mess, and it gets even worse if I keep playing until the end of the match. I have to quit the game and restart it to fix it, losing my server slot. I had...
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    [Game] Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    Looks much better than the War of the Roses video :)
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    PC Gamer US Game of the Year awards 2012 First-Person Shooter of the Year (Multiplayer): Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad Both sides in Red Orchestra 2—Axis and Ally—have a unique sprinting animation that reflects the way they were trained to run with a...
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    [Game] Jagged Alliance - Back in Action

    It's available for pre-order :cool: I'll try to get it this week
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    The Steam Holyday Sale is here :)

    What are you planing to buy? :)
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    Steam Hacked, Valve Investigating Possible Credit Card Theft So, that explains the forum thing. Changing mah password
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    Paradox Interactive gives away Sword of the Stars

    Today I got a newsletter form Paradox Interactive. They sent me a code to redeem Sword of the Stars from Gamersgate! The games price is $10, I can't complain :) Anyone else got the code?
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    [Game] L.A. Noire

    I'm surprise to see nobody mentioned this before. I while ago I read the confirmation of the pc version, looks interesting LA Noire: Gameplay Video Trailer - YouTube
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    [Error] Pavlov's House glitched wall

    I made this a couple of hours ago: Red Orchestra 2 Pavlov's House glitch - YouTube Maybe someone posted that glitch it before, but didn't see it on the forums. Sorry for the bad quality, youtube didn't like the original video so I had to upload the xfire compressed one :P
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    Low budget rig

    I'll upgrade my pc, but I'm short'a'munny. I can affod a maximum of $450 (that much becuase those $450 will cost me the equivalent of $1050, but I have to "buy" $$ from unofficial sources due to my country's foreign currency restrictions). My current setup: - Core2Duo E8400 - Mobo: EP-43-DS3L...
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    [Error] Bug while using supply boxes

    Today, while playing as a anti-tank soldier in Fallen Fighters, I noticed that if I run out of ammo, the supply box only gives me a satchel (automatically chages to the satchel), but no PTRS ammunition. I had to wait several seconds away from the boxes, and get close agin to efectively replenish...
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    Feel the love, TWI

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    [Error] Trigger not working

    I've noticed a weird bug lately. At first I tought it was an interrupted reload, but after a while it became clear that sometimes the weapon doesn't shoot at first, and it needs a secon click to fire. I wonder if it's lag, but it's really frustrating. Happened to someone else?
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    Cheap Joystick

    I want to buy a new joystick, considering that here everything is highly OVERPRICED, I don't want anything too expensive. I saw 4 options in the store: -Genius Metal Strike 3D (the one I think i'll get) $84 -Genius MaxFighter F23u $47 -Genius MaxFighter F31u $65 -Logitech Attack 3 $107 Any idea?
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    Screenshot problems

    Hi, I can't take screenshots from the game anymore, I only get a black screen image. Any idea how can i fix this? I had no problems before: And now I get this: