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    Artillery + Off-shore bombardment

    So obviously I expect the game will have ROHOS's well done artillery system in some form or another. So I thought, it would be pretty awesome if you could call in an off-shore bombardment, and actually see the ships firing before the round impact (only when it's appropriate to the map off...
  2. M

    Prone "peak" ability.

    I think it would be awesome if while prone, by pressing the cover button (for simplicity's sake), you character would push himself up using both of his arms (kinda like a push-up), and basically peak up above whatever cover or hill you are behind. atm, being prone and crawling up a hill is an...
  3. M

    Interesting class name possibilities

    I was thinking about the whole hero system and though that it would be kinda cool if you could change one of the class names to a specific and known Hero of Stalingrad. Not in the official RO2 release, but for custom maps. How easy is it to change class names? It would be awesome to see a...
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    Western mod

    So, I was lamenting over the lack of a really intense first person Western game. Call of Juarez was interesting, but the gun play simply didn't cut it for me. Then I realized that a Western mod for ROHOS would simply be awesome. A Western environment would probably look fantastic on the...