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Recent content by mokov

  1. mokov

    Very Low FPS with night vision after patch 1008

    Now that you have started the thread start off by naming the category you best feel the bug falls into (PLEASE PICK ONE): Category: graphic optimization Reproducibility: Always Summary: The frames per second drop to half when night vision is ON Description: Before last patch (1008) this...
  2. mokov

    comics and fanart

  3. mokov

    Question about Rate Thread

    The Rate Thread option in this forums work for something? or it is just placebo
  4. mokov

    everybody should by talking about this rith now

    http://www.twitch.tv/tripwireladder Tripwire ladder - Stalingrad Cup Final - +IC+ vs =RAGE=
  5. mokov

    wich is best (price/performance) vcard for asus k42f

    Hello! I need help for uptade my notebook. I know... this machine isn
  6. mokov

    a website with stats of maps and balance

    like the DoD stats, maybe will be very cool with stats of all the maps for watch the balance should be in the main website.
  7. mokov

    website with stats of maps and balance

    like the DoD stats, maybe boy stats of all the maps will be very cool to watch the balance and weapons stats to our vanity
  8. mokov

    When will be the next special xmas offer?

    At least a discount code, is for a xmas gift! Pretty pls!
  9. mokov

    Clan Divisi

    Hi, I wanna share some posters from our clan. (Blaue Division NEVER DIE. They just go to hell seeking for more ivans.) (Enlist! Ivan don't let up) The illustration of this one is based on the cover of Blazing Combat no.2 (Frank Frazetta - 1965) :IS2: clandivisionazul.es
  10. mokov

    Optimization hasn't changed anything!

    AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor CPU 3,22 GHz 4 Gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series 1600x900 Like I said, I started to play the beta on Ultra, with no trouble (redoctoberfactory was the fist map when I feel a drop of fps). Since the last patch I tried to play in Low with 15-30 fps, but its...
  11. mokov

    Thx TWI! The game is AWESOME!

    exceeded my expectations!! :) and thx for the support in this long night :cool:
  12. mokov

    beta crashing

    the game is crashing when I browse games and thee single player don't work. i'm frustrated trying to play :(
  13. mokov

    Should the Siren keep her new scream/cry?

    This survey is about the new sound of the Twisted Christmas event which will last until 4 January 2011.
  14. mokov

    Size of the hud

    Hi. I don't understand what happen with my hud, but is too big and no matter if I disable the weapons info, it still show up. Someone have a clue?
  15. mokov


    based on a true story