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    Exiting Tanks

    I have seen a lot of chats in the beta which go like this; Person 1: "How do I exit a tank?" Person 2: "You can't" Person 1: "That sucks" Person 2: "I know" I have seen people in chat not liking the way you can't exit tanks. I think it would be better if you could exit the tank even if there...

    New Screenshots (including snow)

    high res screenies LINK

    Darkest Hour mod or Tripwire's own Expansion to '44-'45

    In an interview with big download the lads from tripwire said that they chose the pacific theatre for the new joint effort mod, Rising Storm, and that's great that that is happening but, I would also love to see a 44 - 45 mod coming out, I would pay anything for it, just to see the King Tiger...

    Possible Solutions for Capping problem.

    The capping problem in Red Orchestra is not a severe problem but, it is annoying on some maps, I said I'd make a thread on this to see what people thought would be a good solution. The main problem is you get people playing just for the points, which is very Call of Dutyish and battlefieldish...


    Some nice effects that would be cool to see in the next Red Orchestra including; 1. Less fireball effect on the tank shells, when you fire at another tank they can spot you easily because of this, plus its not realistic, dim it a bit like darkest hour did. 2. I would like to see a lot of...

    Turn ON/OFF engine + lights, + Time Cycle.

    ENGINE ON/OFF: It would be great to be able to turn on and off the engine in the new red orchestra as it is annoying when you switch from gunner to driver in ostfront and you can be heard easily starting the tank, the main problem is when online and if there are 2 people in a tank then the...

    Project Reality mod for Ro:HoS

    Wouldn't this be so cool, Tripwire should contact blacksand studios to make a mod or expansion for Ro:Hos, they made the project reality mod for battlefield 2 and are making one for arma 2, imagine what they would do with red orchestra project reality, set in modern times of course. It would be...

    Moveable small artillery guns on half tracks.

    My brother posted this on the darkest hour forums and I thought I'd post it here too. "i was thinking that if the small artillery guns(the ones with wheels)could be hooked onto the half tracks and the opel and whatever trucks are present, on tank maps and infantry maps and moved around it...


    I would like to see physx being implemented with red orchestra, the same way unreal 3 had it, it would be so cool, explosions would be so much better, maybe ragged curtains of old houses and so much more, along with terrain deformation and building deformation, i think it would be so cool.:D...