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  • Hey sorry i took a while to reply. The perks work.

    Both of the server are running on Windows.

    Theres a bug where it doesnt seem to save some players perks, until the map changes after they join or something
    The one i sent you was the original.

    But i sent you the converted one in your private messages.

    What i did was. I converted it to when it got the error. Then i looked at the last playername=

    Went back to my original perk stat file copied the rest and converted.

    Copy pasted into the new one, but the file size is still smaller. Not sure why
    Also the perks worked, but the file size for the stats is smaller. Seems like it skipped the rest due to size limit?
    Okay i changed to ANSI but when running the module i run into this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "P:\ConvertScript_Windows.py", line 17, in <module>
    string3 = long(string2)
    ValueError: invalid literal for long() with base 10: ''

    It did most of it, but seems like its too long or something that it cant do it all?
    Check if your ServerStats.txt is in ANSI format, any other format will produce the Chinese characters.
    Thanks for the reply. I followed...

    1. Installed Python
    2. Changed it P drive where its at and changed it to KFLServerPerksStat
    3. Second bit i left on statfile
    4. I run it and it creates the stat file
    5. i open it up and it has like different characters for example:

    renamed it to KFLServerPerksStat.ini and put it on the server

    is that normal?

    I tried both scripts and the perk progress still didnt work.
    Okay i got the files. Thank you very much.

    I've never dealt with python before, but i assume i have to run it through python27?

    Can you write me the instructions needed? Cheers
    hello massacrer , 1 question , u know if i can use Server perks , to get all perks and weapons of KFL Mod ? , if yes , can tell me how to do it ? Thanks .
    Its all good man and yeah actually that sounds like a good idea. I'll message him and see if I can. I'll let you know if anything.
    If you could help me gather up any links for new weapons not listed that would be great. I can probably find files for broken links too.
    Hey, I also have seen this problem and hoping to try find a fix for this but I have been rather busy as I was hoping to fix this close enough to this week but I doubt it will be. All I can say is try keep watch of the scoreboard thread incase I update it. :)
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