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  1. martymaximus

    Sever mismatch in DarkestHour

    Hi, i've got a mate that has deleted the previous version of DH from his system, downloaded the new Steam version of DH but says that whenever he tries joining a server he's getting "server mismatch" errors? Can any one shed some light onto this please. i know he's as keen as to play the new...
  2. martymaximus

    DH Run Time error

    Hi, can someone help me here and shed some light on my problem please. Getting a runtime error when i try and launch Darkest Hour. "run time error programfiles/username/steammaps/common/ro/system/ro.exe This app has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way." I've had...
  3. martymaximus

    EH-M43_Tex, What is this?

    Hi, i'm having trouble joining the new 50 slot GA server(Aussie server). I get this message each time i try to join - Receiving : "EH-M43_Tex" size 6882K. This is what i get with no end or connection? Keeps downloading to 100% then will start at 1% again and keep going until a connection error...
  4. martymaximus

    Australian players & servers?

    G'day, I'm just wondering how large the aussie community is that plays this game . Also is there any Aussie servers with regular players. Each time I join a server the ping is up around 200-250, is this normal for this game? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.