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    Memory leak in connecting window

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: While downloading to connect to a server, the game leaks memory. Description: It appears as while downloading to connect to a server, the game spams multiple layers of connecting windows ontop of each other. I once downloaded a large map to...
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    SoundCue audio plays only on the left speaker

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: SoundCues sound effects only comes out from left speaker. Description: Play a SoundCue with distance attenuation and the audio comes out only from left speaker. This does not effect SoundCues without distance attenuation (i.e. music or UI fx)...
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    Log spam

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: Killing Floor 2 Launch.log is currently bloated with random log lines. Description: Just launch the game or server and you get a massive log flood that makes it very difficult to track actual important errors on log. Here's a few examples...
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    [Utility] Webadmin Workshop tool

    Name WebAdmin Workshop tool Description This mod basically lets you easily manage workshop items on server, notifies you of a configuration error and broadcasts messages whenever server is downloading some workshop items (or updates to items). Download link Download from here. Download source...
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    [GameType] ZED Survival vs mod

    This is a game mode inspired by Garry's mod Zombie Survival gametype. Note that this is an early BETA mod, it contains a few flaws and problems and may need to be balanced! Description Basically, it is a PvP game type where the objective is to stay as human as long as possible. As humans die...
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    [GameType] Hard mode survival

    This custom gametype basically adds support for custom zeds on waves/custom bosses/custom music for server. Download from here. Download source code from here. Mods required to run this mod: - ServerExt (I will maybe add another version later that does not require ServerExt). - Slot Machine...
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    [Utility] Admin access plus manager

    This is a mod which gives some additional admin tools to your server. Download from here. Download source code from here. Be sure to read the included readme pdf file coming with the rar file, since there is quite a lot into the mod! Features: Supports running same settings (admin...
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    Custom Materials can't be built in-game

    Category: Code/2d art Reproducibility: Always Summary: Creating own custom materials will be replaced by default textures in-game unless you have editor to compile the material first (for custom mods). Description: If you create a custom material that you use for your mod, you must always...
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    [Mutator] KF2 Bots

    On popular demand I made a bots mutator for KF2. They are yet not too bright and does not support a lot of features of KF2 yet, but they do work for now. Please don't tell me what I should add, I know what to add, but in all due time. Download from here. (v 0.1) Download source code from here...
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    [Mutator] Slot Machines mod

    Mod name HUD Slot Machines mod Version 1.0 Description [INDENT]This is a returning mod from Killing Floor 1, it awards you with random cards as you kill enemy zeds. The amount of zeds you need to kill for each card is server configurable, but by default 4 zeds. In order to receive the "price"...
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    Pawn ragdolls can't be re-initialized

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: Once you set a pawn to go to ragdoll physics, but if you end it and go to walking, then re-enter ragdoll physics, it keeps the old ragdoll pose from before. Description: I made a mod where player can go to ragdoll physics like being knocked out...
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    Static Meshes with PHYS_Rigidbody crashes the game

    Category: Code / level design Reproducibility: Always Summary: Some static meshes replace with a RigidBody mesh always crash the game with a C++ runtime error (called pure virtual function). Description: After a closer look I noticed this only applies to static meshes with "FlexCollision=On"...
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    Bug in KFInventoryManager.AddWeaponToGroup

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always/Sometimes Summary: If you have non-KFWeapon based inventory in your inventory chain, they sometimes get removed from the chain by this function. Description: Just give yourself a random inventory item which is not a KFWeapon, then throw current weapon...
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    LoadObject can't load objects from Cache

    Since I'm not sure if you are aware of this bug. Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: UObject::LoadObject/Object.DynamicLoadObject can't find objects from packages loaded from Cache. Description: This effectively breaks all maps or mods from referencing across to other custom...
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    [UnrealScript] Canvas broken canvas functions

    These 2 functions seam to be broken in KF2 (they were functional in UDK): native noexport final function PushMaskRegion(float X, float Y, float XL, float YL); native noexport final function PopMaskRegion(); They were useful for clipping canvas tiles or text on HUD, but seams to do nothing...