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Recent content by mamoo

  1. mamoo

    [Game] Payday: The Heist

    Seems funny to me there's no thread about this game already, what with it having a fair bit of publicity for a source mod. I really like the L4D style play mixed with bank jobbing, a very good and unique game as far as I'm concerned. Also, try playing as Wolf and calling Hoxton over, just to...
  2. mamoo

    Map Vote GUI Problems

    I've noticed that the map voting screen snaps back to the top when you try to scroll down, and that map changes happen really quickly, usually resulting in the first option being chosen constantly.
  3. mamoo

    How excited are you?

    I'm as excited as Welsh Pavlov! It's at about 0:20 YouTube - Eddie Izzard - Pavlov's cat
  4. mamoo

    [Game] Help me find this game

    I used to play this game when I was younger, I think it might have been called robocop or something similar (don't think it was based off the movie), where you were a bipedal robot with gattling guns and missile launchers and stuff and you had a story mode, a vs mode where you could build tanks...
  5. mamoo

    Probably the best thing about Youtube

    Go to any video, play part of it, return to 0:00, then pause, hold down th left arrow and press up. Enjoy!
  6. mamoo

    Recommend a Christmas present!

    I'm thinking of getting my brother a new xbox game for Christmas this year, I'm kinda torn between CodBlops or Lost Planet 2, LP2 looks pretty good but I've never played it, and I own CodBlops so we can play together. Anyone played LP2? Is it any good?
  7. mamoo

    A very overlooked mod...

    http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=39209 Killing Floor Deathmatch Mayhem is probably the most fun you'll ever have playing Killing Floor, and it kills me to see it slip under the radar so much. You all start with the standard weapons, but there is no trader, instead you...
  8. mamoo

    The new Firebug toy will be...

    What do you guys think the new toy for the Firebug will be when it comes out tomorrow?
  9. mamoo

    [Game] Lack of a really good zombie RPG

    Has anyone else noticed the lack of a really immersive, realistic zombie game, where you would find weapons and food, kill zombies and barricade yourself in a building, I've been looking for one for ages but have come up short.
  10. mamoo

    Another home run for Kotick

    http://kotaku.com/5639929/activision-considers-selling-video-game-cutscenes?skyline=true&s=i Hurr hurr...
  11. mamoo

    No choosing the same advanced class twice in a row?

    My idea is that for the advanced classes (Sniper, Machine-Gunner, Squad Leader, Tank Commander) that you shouldn't be able to pick the same one two battles in a row. This would mean that the guy with the best computer wouldn't always get the sniper, or the MG. I know that some of the classes...
  12. mamoo

    SDK guide and mapping tutorial

    Here's part 1 of my Killing Floor SDK guide and tutorial for creating maps:
  13. mamoo

    Tripwire's 4th article - War or zombies?

    Title says it all, what would you prefer the next Tripwire game to be?
  14. mamoo

    Oh Dear.

    'nuff said. Think of all that money... It could have gone to small African kiddies with AIDS...
  15. mamoo

    Holy Hand Grenade (jk)

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they added this for demolitions! YouTube - Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade 1...2...5!