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    [Error] Doesnt connect since last patch

    I dint find any thread that described this problem but on 2 different PCs I cant connect when I use the steam server browser to lauch the game. The same goes for the ingame browser, it just keeps connecting and not doing anything. What could this be? Ill let steam recheck my files... :rolleyes:
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    Make a small patch that allows downloading of custom maps

    This should be done so that custom maps can be downloaded automatically. Right now when maps are put on the server the players who dont have them get kicked off. Not all the players can browse forums an download maps in the right directory.
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    [Error] Empty Mag after reloading

    Sometimes when I reload he puts the magazine in and the gun looks like its loaded but then its empty. There are no steps to reproduce it but it happens often enough. It can happen for auto rifles mostly but I think I had it with a bolt too.
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    I can see shadows through stairs

    In apartments I can see the player shadows where they shouldnt be, so this is a glitch that gives me an advantage. The shadows are for example on the ceiling and that tells me an enemy is there. Does anybody else have this. I think this was in americas army too and for that reason dynamic...
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    Display the location when I use the command widget

    When I say "I need support here" the text doesnt say where the supoort should be. In RO1 this was displayed in front of it like Propaganda House, "I need support here".
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    Let us chat after the game

    Title is pretty clear I think it should be possible to use the chat while scoreboard is up and while map voting. While the scoreboard is up after the game you cannnot chat at all, in other games this is when you say "gg" or "u suck" or something this is completely missing in RO2. When the map...
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    Black textures

    I have an ati 3850 card with the newest drivers and got these black textures this morning.
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    [Crash] Crash on map load after latest patch (18mb)

    I got this right after the map loaded and I could allready see it then it freezes.
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    Map load crash for elevator

    I get this while loading this map here is what is in my clipboard Rendering thread exception: Fatal error! Address = 0x56d279 (filename not found) [in f:\steam\steamapps\common\redorchestra2beta\binaries\win32\rogame.exe] Address = 0x56d4b7 (filename not found) [in...
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    Mouse accel

    My messages keep getting eaten by the forum (It says my message is too short) Short version: I want this to be turned off maybe in the options menu Many UE3 games need a fix like this for no accel
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    I dont want to have the low violence version forced on me.

    This is a problem that only Germans and maybe Australians have because we have very strict laws for violent games. When I bought RO1 I had the violent version for about a month until steam updated the game. It didnt ruin the game but something was missing. There was no way to get the violent...
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    How to get into the beta?

    I heard on the webcast at that there will be two betas one small one and one bigger one. How can I get into the second beta? Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else in the forums.