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  1. Luckless

    How do you pick your team?

    So, how do people like to pick the team they are playing on? Personally I keep 4 small dice beside my keyboard. Rolling all four, if more even numbers come up than odd, I go with Russian. More odd numbers, I go with German. Tie? I roll again. That is, assuming the teams are even/start of...
  2. Luckless

    I'm looking to join a group of actual Beta TESTERS.

    Alright, so, I'm personally getting tired of playing in random servers and reading things like "Dude, this is the full game, look how buggy it is, it sucks!", or "This isn't a test, this is a Demo, idiot!" I'm also tired of finding a bug/glitch in random play, and then not being able to...
  3. Luckless

    [Error] Sniper Scope Frozen on previous view

    Reproducibility: Unknown, have not recreated conditions yet. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Spawn (as Rifleman) 2. Pick up dropped Sniper Rifle 3. Look down scope 4. Crouch 5. Get shot 6. Respawn, pick up the same rifle you died with (Unsure if it affects other sniper rifles) 7. Look down scope...