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    [Game] Anti splash screen/nag program (work in progress)

    On another forum I frequent, someone is putting together a program which will automatically block intro movies/splash screes/etc from various games. It's a work in progress, so it only has a few games supported at the moment, but it still has the potential to be a great time and patience saver...
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    Band of Brothers - Very limited time offer I think (said one day sale somewhere), but for anyone who wants it, it's probably a once only sort of price.
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    [Video] Hausfrau Hitler.
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    Do you like ginger people? *POLL*

    Topic says it all. Apparently the topic didn't say it all. This is a poll about GINGERS. Redheads are not gingers, there is a subtle distinction. The distinction is that redheads = hawt and female, gingers = not hot and generally male.
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    AvP 2 (Requiem). Rated R for Ruddy Violent. (Film, not game) Yay for high levels of violence!
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    Top 10 albums thread

    Post your top 10 albums (only one per artist though :P) Mine (in no particular order): Artful Dodger - All About the stragglers Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty Gamma Ray -Skeletons in the Closet Helloween - Rabbit Don't Come Easy Prodigy - Experience Masterplan - Aeronautics Girls...
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    No PS3 price drop. The 60GB PS3 retailing at $500 will be discontinued in the US once stocks have sold out, to be replaced by the 80gb $600 PS3 instead. The UK/Europe will have the PS3 kept at the existing price...
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    The E-Peen thread - stuff that gives you a bigger one than Yoshiro

    This is my evidence that my e-peen is bigger than Yoshiro's. Feel free to post yours.
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    How Tripwire can make more money

    Sell T-Shirts and posters! Stick Yoshiro on the front of a t-shirt, people will pay huge bucks for that. Valve have their own official gear store. Tripwire needs one too! Yoshiro T-Shirts = $$$millions$$$ Plush toy F1 grenades! Throw them at your friends, wait...
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    Am I mad? Run an LCD from a PSU's internal power lines?

    PSU's have 12v lines. LCD's sometimes have external power adapters, which often output 12v to the LCD. You can get 19v LCD's, 12v LCD's and probably others, but let's assume we have an LCD which requires 12v at 3~4A. A 12v PSU line usually supplies 12v with up to ~20A (if it's a reasonable...
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    Why are satchels 10lbs?

    I was wondering why the satchel charges in RO are 10lbs, when both the Soviet Union and Germany were using metric units in WW2. Obviously it would be easier to only make one satchel, so if most Soviet satchels were imported from the UK/US, then it would make sense that they would be in lbs, but...
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    RO possibly for under $10 at Target (USA)
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    A request: Video of someone diving to iron sights please

    There is, I think, one way to end the IS discussion for all those who say it is fine and possible, and for those who say it is not, and here it is: Get a video of someone diving to iron sights. Post it up here. Let people watch it. Then, if such a video can be found/made by someone with a gun...
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    Fix the MG's

    Currently you can deploy an MG on a "side" (like resting a weapon against a wall), say in a trench or whatever, and it seems to behave exactly as if it was deployed on a flat surface using the bipod, even though I can't see how it's comparable. Even if left/right is stabalised, up/down wouldn't...
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    The Wii song thread. For songs about the Wii :)

    Things get hectic quick Things get hectic quick From the satellite dish to your joy stick From the satellite dish to your joy stick It's the night of the living cable box It’s the night of the living gaming box Wires coming up from around the block Wireless going out around the block Remote...