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Recent content by Kyril =VIII=

  1. K

    GlobalWarfighter Ladder League

    A new ladder league is starting up, GlobalWarfighter League. I've posted on their suggestion forums for Red Orchestra:Ostfront to be included. Check it out here and cast a vote: http://www.mygwl.com/site/viewforum.php?f=390 __________________
  2. K

    Ro The Mod

    No answer in mod forum, asking here. The new UT2004 patch v3369, is it compatable with RO 3.3?
  3. K


    Will we have an option to run in DirectX9 like we did before UT2004 disabled it in a patch? RO ran so sweet in DX9 for me, just hoping we will have the option.
  4. K

    TrackIR Support?

    I remember awhile back that NaturalPoint had contacted you about implementing TrackIR in Red Orchestra. With RO being a revolutionay game, it would be awesome if this feature were to be included as well. Any word?