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Recent content by KSA-Matze

  1. K

    Video -> 11 Berserker vs Patriarch / Suicidal

    Hope you enjoy it ! =) YouTube - Killing Floor - Kill Patriarch with Katana
  2. K

    Hard Server for bored Gamers !

    Hey PPL ! For 3 month ago, we created a 32 Slot Server for bored gamer ! You are bored of the first 5 rounds ? Not here ! - We have no Husks - Max Specimen 200 - Startmoney 5000 $ Round 3 - Scrakes Round 4 - Scrakes Round 5 - FP
  3. K

    Low Levels on Suicidalserver

    Hey ! Why do so many lowlevels ( 1-3 ) join suicidal server to level ? i think its not clever, and they are often no help for the squad ! and what i never understand -> level 0-3 Perks on a 32 slot server ... ;) so please, go leveling on a normal server and not on a suicidal server ...
  4. K

    KF.de][Germany www.Killing-Floor.de

    Germany KF Comunity ! www.Killing-Floor.de Killing Floor #1 IP : 32 Slots, Difficulty: Hard Killing Floor #2 IP : 6 Slots, Difficulty: Sucidal, Leveling Killing Floor #3 IP : 6 Slots, Difficulty: Hard, Leveling Counterstrike Ip...
  5. K

    Kill Patriarch with Carwash on Gasstation =)

    Wish you fun at watching this =) YouTube - Killing Floor - Kill Patriarch with Carwash YouTube - Killing Floor - Kill Patriarch with Carwash
  6. K

    Video -> How to kill the Patriarch with a Suicid !

    Have fun ! YouTube - Killing Floor - Suicidbomber vs Patriarch
  7. K

    My ingame voice dont work ! :(

    Hi, I must ask in German, in the hope that German user here can help me in English I would not understand it really: / my ingame voice does not work, but I have a display of hand strikes are not enough. my headset works perfectly, I can see daily in the teamspeak. has anyone an idea where...
  8. K

    Ingame Voice funktioniert nicht!

    Hallo, ich mu
  9. K

    Faszination Killing Floor - Sucidbomber NEW !

    In co-operation with players from norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and France we made a great new video ! I hope you all have a lot of fun while watching ! You can download the video on this Link : http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/91558482/file.html WATCH FOR BETTER QUALITY !!!! MOVIE...
  10. K

    KF.de presents Suicidbomber Part 1

    We made a small funny video, hope you enjoy it ! MOVIE3.wmv Please rate and coment at : YouTube - Killing Floor Suicidbomber ! Best of part 2 Visit us YouTube - Killing Floor Suicidbomber ! Best of part 2 Thx !
  11. K

    Deutsche KF-Comunity sucht Squads !

    http://www.killing-floor.de/ ! Die Deutsche Killing Floor Online Comunity ! - Eigene Game Server - Eigener TS3 Server - Eigene Interne Bereiche f