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    Looking for a mutator - Trader ammunition box
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    [Mutator] ZED Manager

    Oh DownLink is disabled, need update
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    [Mutator] Total Game Balance + Gunslinger Perk (ScrN Balance)

    Master, I want to know how to go to the single Scrn custom weapon bonus module? Besides, the source code downloaded from your github cannot be compiled. I don't know what to do. I am a novice
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    Buzzsaw noise spam

    So friends can you share the mutators?:)
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    KF MOD questions about KF1:1,weapon in KFMod.u; 2. Modify CustomPerks into SPV7.5?

    For question 1, I know some of the previous post, try to change the weapons mod attribute the success (I put the number of single cartridge Benelli and Trenchgun from 6 to 8) but the problem is that I found when reloading a cartridge or only 6 times rather than 8 times, this how to solve? I am a...