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Recent content by Kipper

  1. Kipper

    Wargame: European Escalation

    I'm surprised no one here has mentioned this game yet. It's by the guys responsible for RUSE. The game is set in the 1970s-1980s in Europe. The Cold War has gone hot. It's a wargame that models ammunition, fuel, and modular damage of vehicles. It includes hardware from France, West and East...
  2. Kipper

    A Discussion on the State of the Squad System

    RO2 has some really effective infrastructure for the squad system currently implemented. Unfortunately, the game, whether it be in normal or "realism" mode currently obscures nearly all of that from the player. Unless the squad and platoon leaders have microphones, the only players currently...
  3. Kipper

    White David vs. Red Goliath, The Winter War, 1939-1940

    So, I had begun writing this while I was bored and supposed to be filing grants at work. I posted it on two other forums but forgot about the fellows that would appreciate it most: you! So, here goes. Not done yet. I'll get around to it eventually.
  4. Kipper

    BSD Support?

    Will the game support BSD?
  5. Kipper

    Where would you drop the bomb?

    As I posted on another forum: It's December 1944. The Western Allies have advanced all the way up the to Rhine river and have captured several key locations including the deep water port city of Antwerp. In the east, the Soviet armies have pushed through the Ukraine, through Romania, large...
  6. Kipper


    I've been looking around for some time now for a competent, free, chess game for the PC that perhaps supports multiplayer. I was wondering if anyone knew of one and what experiencse have you had with chess on the PC?
  7. Kipper

    Icons for those with Mics

    Just what the thread name suggests. Let's get a little icon next to a player's name when you hit tab that shows that they have a mic plugged in and such. It'd make things a lot easier for those of us trying to figure out who has a mic on a quiet server. I for one am sick of asking everyone...
  8. Kipper

    Keeping your head down: Interaction with the game world

    I played Gears of War for the first time today. It's a truly unique experience in the world of FPS games. Keeping your head down and moving from cover to cover are emphasized. As the player, you have a wide variety of manuevers to perform to interact with the game world and get yourself...
  9. Kipper

    German Squad Layout and Loadout

    So I'm doing some research for my Company of Heroes mod. My first goal is to change squad sizes and loadouts to be historically correct. I have found some information but I figured I'd ask here because y'all know everything. So, my questions are as follows: 1: How large was the average German...
  10. Kipper

    Company of Heroes: No bull**** mod

    Well, I like CoH, but the butchering of reality bothers me to no end. I want to mod the game so that the units in game will be used for what they were in reality. For instance, I want the Nebelwerfer to not suck anymore and I'm getting rid of the Pershing. However, I need help from all you...
  11. Kipper

    Screw the King Tiger

    Bet that got your attention. Just some stuff that's been floating around in my mind recently. Here's what would make RO damned good for me. The definitive list: -Elimination of "pop-up" riflemen, i.e. we make movement slower so you can't just pop up, fire and disappear at random. -Leaning...
  12. Kipper

    Submachine Gun Suggestions

    The recoil of all of the SMGs is insanely off from their real life counterparts. I propose that recoil be significantly reduced and that Tripwire look into these weapons to model them more accurately in game. The accuracy of the weapons seems about right, but I cannot tell for sure. I can...
  13. Kipper

    PTRD Soldat

    I forget where, but I've read that PTRD crews were issued two PTRDs and two PPSHs or two Mosins and quite a bit of ammunition. Why not replace the TT33 for the PTRD soldat and give him the option of either a PTRD or PTRS and an accompanying PPSH or Mosin? Also, an increased ammo load would by...
  14. Kipper

    Tank optics?

    Now, I've heard this several times in game: the tank optics are not realistic. How is this so? Is this so?
  15. Kipper

    Sound issues

    Everything sounds like it's underwater. Occassionally the real sound chimes in, but it dies and goes back to swimming under water again. It's quite frustrating. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how to replicate this because it just started with the new update. It's only RO, other Steam games...