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  1. K

    Running shooting animations?

    Anyone getting the same bug/common problem it seems that plagues CS aswell? When someone is running towards you, it appears that their gun is in their hand running yet they just pumped rounds into you, and Im scratching my head seconds later respawning. Its highly annoying in CS with nade...
  2. K

    Bout that time...

    Bout that time, 4:30pm EST, when our patches have been rolling out the past two. A patch was mentioned for today possibly, are we gonna get this today? :D Just wondering is all :) HURRAY!!!!!!:IS2:
  3. K

    disable VOIP?

    Please, for the love of god tell me how to disable this terrible VOIP... Its annoying, loud, and dont care cuz its not squad voip because everyone uses TEAM and i dont want to hear it. Yea teamwork, but yea no, this voip is loud, terrible and i dont wanna hear random people. I rather hear vent...
  4. K

    DX10 exist?

    Was searching the config file and found AllowD3D10=False. Does DX10 exist in retail? I heard they wanted to add DX11 support post launch, but did DX10 make it? Can we set this to True? :IS2:
  5. K


    Ok, well i got the patch. And now my game is all messed up.. TW== wat where u thinking when releasing a Beta patch? let ur damm staff test it not us.
  6. K

    Xfire Update is here !

    Just got my Xfire updated with the Latest patch for Red Orchestra and Much much more games :D Thanks Xfire, Now just need ROOST to update! Check out the Update news... Incase ur too lazy to wait :)
  7. K

    Red Orchestra LAN party?

    Hey guys, Well I love Red Orchestra aka ROOST !! So mcuh!, I was just wondering if there where any new LAN partys popping up in.. Maryland or Virginia or PA.. <<-- Those 3 states in the US? Prefer Maryland. Any1 know of a LAN Party that plays ROOST now? I would love to go, I went to 1 and met...
  8. K

    IGN Covering GDC!

    Well, I was wrong in the General Disscusion. IGN is at GDC i must be thinkin of something else :D Take a look here:: For all the GDC Updates and News, No Red Orchestra Yet :( But Soon to come :D
  9. K

    **Offical**Worst Tank Experience...

    Excuse me if this is already a thread :p So whats ur WORST tank Experience?? (example:: Getting Killed, Bad Driver, etc etc) Heres mine :) I was on Rowaski i think it is (the airfield) I was in the BA-4 (scout tank for russian) Was on that hill where the little valley is, Calling in arty and...
  10. K

    Tank Tracks...

    Hey guys, be3 here.. Got a question... and its a tatic when some1 answers :) OK well.. I saw on the 'Mod Forum' a Picture... That looked like this. ^^Is this still ture in ROOST? If u hit a direct round right there in the Red Circle??? Also.... Is there a way you can see if the tank track is...