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Recent content by Killer9999

  1. K


    Name: KF-Bunker-V1 I have had lag experienced on the Full version of this map (KF-BunkerO-v1.rom). Therefore I have also included a version of the bunker that does not include the above ground area and lift (KF-BunkerI-v1.rom). Any information on how to stop this lag would be most appreciated...
  2. K


    Name: Bunker Size: 53,508 KB (13,099 KB Zipped) Files: 1 Rom File Description: With the infestation spreading throughout England and possibly beyond, desperate measures have to be taken. A nuclear strike has been approved! After leaving London it was clear we were never going to get clear and...
  3. K

    changing spawn

    Ok now I know how to do this on red orchestra using spawn actors.... but just using player starts it should be possible to change the spawn of any players coming into the game late or respawning after dying... However for some reason I cannot figure out a way of doing it... I have a scripted...
  4. K


    Okay this is pre-beta at the moment so I thought I would post here... I still have some errors to sort out before I release a beta. Though I may need testers and a server at some point soon.... Description: With the infestation spreading throughout England and possibly beyond, desperate...
  5. K


    Okay's ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new map! As this is a beta released very close to the closing date of "wave 1" of the mapping competition all constructive feedback is welcomed the sooner the better so thank you in advance. Enjoy. Map Type:Standard, Indoor and courtyard area map...
  6. K

    Random Crash to Desktop

    Build KillingFloor_Build_[2009-02-09_10.82] OS: Windows NT 6.0 (Build: 6001) CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2393 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (6906) Assertion failed: inst->KPhysRootIndex != INDEX_NONE && inst->KPhysLastIndex != INDEX_NONE...
  7. K


    OK Steven said I should post here with this map :p Current Version: Beta 2 Available: On the {Core} Server - History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Velikiye_Luki My map takes place in the mountains between the 3rd Mountain Division and the 3rd Shock Army...
  8. K

    RO {core} training

    has now split into 2 maps RO-Coreinfratraining and RO-Coretanktraining infrantry map is just the old training map with a new area and tanks removed tank map is a 4000m range with distance markers in metres also targets at 1000m and 2000m pictures to follow BOTH BETAs enjoy
  9. K

    {Core} Training Beta 5

    Change log-------------------------------- - updated visually and performance wise - added scrim areas - changed race track - extended spawn protection - arty allowed on tank area - extended tank area - lighting fixed - Usable music radio (One communism music track played in specific areas of...
  10. K

    {Core} training

    hehe ok this map was ment for private training sessions for the clan im in, {Core} but left it on after a session and people seemed to like it, didnt really want to say anything about it till i was happy with it and the beta 5 is already well under way but ill introduce RO-Coretrainingb4...
  11. K

    Warsaw 2

    Warsaw 2 Changes: Warsaw mod port added routes shorter spawn times added objects all to improve gameplay grenades added back o yer and made to look ALOT prittier Link: http://www.maporchestra.com/downloads/p13_sectionid/23/p13_fileid/315 Home Server: {Core} public server enjoy
  12. K

    Things you could buy....

    Things you could buy for the price of RO:Ost :p ok... Ostfront if probally the greatest thing you could buy for that amount of money but what else can you buy if you had the same amount of money :P post suggestions!
  13. K


    Novgorod Mountains http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/73056/RO-NovgorodMountains-rar.html just a small rilfe friendly map i made for a practise and to try out a few things previously known as Xmascore (Was christmas :P) enjoy
  14. K


    Reintroducing RO-Hochburg as RO-hocburg1943 http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/72424/RO-Hochburg1943-rar.html -*-*-*-*- fixes -*-*-*-*- increased performance added routes improved lighting fixed mine volumes fixed spawns added attacking 'tools' did i meantion INCREASED performance :D
  15. K

    requesting a mutator

    ok apparently this sound be straight foward tho i dnt hvae ac lue how to make mutators all i want is a mutator that disables the leaning ability... can anyone do this if so contact me neilcook9999@hotmail.com thakn you in advance :)