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  • Sucks to hear, I guess I can look around, ask some people such as dextronaut and hope that they might have it. Thanks anyways.
    Hey KiCk3R, do you happen the old X-Map Pack for KF2.5, or atleast your old map, KF-HorzineHeadquaters-V1.ut2 at all? Thanks.
    Okay thanks man as you can tell by my name im a big fan ha! look forward to it you have a idea of when the first quarter will be going out there?
    Great! Thanks for the answer. Also, could you give a new download link to V1? Megaupload is down -.-"
    Man if you need a soundtrack from the Resident Evil - Hive movie for your V3 map
    just alert me!
    ТЫ бы не разрешил вырезать из карты THEHIVEV2 вырезать поезд а то мне лень создавать свой для моей грядущий MISSION MAP "CRaZYTEAM-MISSION_AREA-51"
    Much obliged, sir.

    Unfortunately, I'm somewhat stuck with this map.
    I'm having try at creating a less complicated funmap for now, so I can at least release something...

    Remember, I announced my first map back in the MrKadish forums !? :p
    I recently got my own server and downloaded a map pack with your maps in it. When I was trying to play Raccoon Airport we all had a critical error at the same time and the server shut down =/ this happened two times and then we tried out degeneration and when I was going to restart it to let another friend join it happened again.. Now I'm wondering if this is a bug in the map or if it is a bug with the server?
    KiCk3R seriously, you are the best mapper ever! I luv you man(not in a gay way) your just the best!
    Can you send me the download for the KF-TheHiveBETA2 and KF-TheHive251 from Killing Floor 2.5 because none of the downloads work from the old Killing Floor forums!
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