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  1. K

    RO Clan competition(s)

    Hi :D It is great to see many new and old players enjoying the game post-patch / free weekend. Downside for me (and hopefully many others) is the lack of any competitive clan gaming. Currently, to my knowledge, there is no league or ladder available for RO2. Exception being privately run...
  2. K

    Competitive Scene

    Having enjoyed many years playing Red Orchestra, I would ask if there any plans for a League or Ladder to be created? It is very unfortunate that RO Ladder has finally closed; as a direct result of not having either support from Tripwire and/or the state of the game, but RO Ladder has been the...
  3. K

    [Error] Falling under map @ spawn

    It is happened to me and a couple of team mates. . . . Upon spawn during the game, you do not spawn but fall through the map. I was on Apartments but not able to replicate. . . kba
  4. K

    [Question] Multiplay Game Servers need action from Tripwire

    Hi fullmj have been with Multiplay for many years. We are still awaiting a BETA server as they tell me that they are waiting for Tripwire to resolve some issues. I have been pressing them for over a week but still no sign of any server. I have asked what they are waiting for, would you kindly...
  5. K

    [Info] Multiplay do not offer BETA servers

    Guys Following your info. yesterday:- I have contacted Multiplay several times today and have been told that:- This is annoying to say the least. We all appreciate the tension and extreme anxiety that the RO players are venting - both in these forums and our comms / clan forums. It would hope...
  6. K

    fullmj - seeking another recruit !

    Hello fullmj are looking for another player to compliment our talented(!) squad. In fact we would extend our recruitment campaign to two players, if the first player of good skills wanted to bring along his mate - who has considerably more ability We are a very sociable clan, with a...