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  1. J

    Heads UP

    Guys, We had a guy registered on our forum yesterday, posted details to a web site all about a personal feud with RTR etc etc. Featured clips of TK's and the usual childish crap. His IP was registered as dunno if that any good for you. user name h o c h i m a n (editor picks it up...
  2. J

    Deliberate TK's in matches

    Placed this in the server place as TBH I don't know where to put it. I figure this way some server admins will see it and will thus be able to put their immense admin sized brains to work on this one. In a couple of matches we played lately it appears that our opposition have indulged in a spot...
  3. J


    A Plea For those who use these forums for support is there any chance that you can adhere to a few do's and don'ts? 1.DO post EXACTLY what the problem is or appears to be. You'd be amazed how many posts are titled HELP, WTF, THIS ****S or GAME BROKE. Next time try CEDEGA PROBLEM, GRAPHICS CARD...
  4. J


    Just a quick thank you to tripwire, The update occurred late last night fo me. I'm in the UK. As soon as I realised that 'the game was afoot' I got onto our server and updated it. By then my own game had updated so I decided to have a quiet walk around Danzig and make myself familiar with it...
  5. J

    How mathmaticians won the war

    No , just for once its NOT my favourite subject Enigma or Ultra. How a statistical formula won the war Thursday July 20, 2006 The Guardian Here is a story about mathematical deduction that I love, mainly because it is said to be true, and because it had an impact (albeit small) on the...
  6. J

    Can we all take a deep breath guys?

    I've got to be honest here, while it is definetely true that free exchange of information can only improve the game ( thats what it is, by the way, a GAME) it is also true that too much of an exchange can only cause conflict and aggravation. In the last few days of looking at this forum I have...
  7. J

    Sabine Schmidt

    Those of you who watch Top Gear will be familiar with the gorgeous Sabine. In this clip she drives a Ford Transit round the Nurburgring in 10 minutes. 13 miles of extremely tricky racing circuit in 10 minutes, no doubt embarrassing many Porsche drivers in the process...
  8. J

    Would most like to meet

    Guys, Heres one I haven't seen a thread for. Who from history would you like to meet and why?. To start the ball rolling, my three are : 1 RJ Mitchell, the romantic in me voted for this. The man who created the most achingly beautiful and evocative aeroplane well, ever, and who never got to...
  9. J

    Annoyed that you can't kill a tank from 400 metres 'in game'?

    Taken from LONG RANGE TANK GUNNERY "During the Gulf War the open desert terrain and extensive use of thermal imaging weapon sights ensured that maximum engagement ranges were possible. Tank gunnery demonstrably reached a new...
  10. J

    Possible new category "The Armoury"

    Guys I know this is likely to start a flamer BUT.... Any chance we can have another category called "The Armoury" or something like that. That way peeps with a burning urge to show their guns or indeed look at other peoples guns can do so. I know it seems like a provocative thread but I...
  11. J

    =IcM= Are recruiting

    I know what you're thinking, "Its not worth joining them, they don't have a really cool name like Uber SS Lemming division" Its true, we're just called =IcM=. We don't have a super duper rank system, led by a generalissimo or wierd titles. We're just a bunch of friends, all equals who love to...
  12. J

    The best commander?

    Many threads have aired their veiws as to which was the best tank of WW2, but in my humble opinion, there is only one real candidate for best tank commander. A man who to this day is still revered by British tank regiments. Forget the politics and just base it on tactical sense and there can be...