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  1. Johnny Rebel

    Low damage and useless weapon

    Right now RO2 isn't bad like the old version, but isn't good like RS/RO2
  2. Johnny Rebel

    Low damage and useless weapon

    No, i can't realize that i am in the safe side. Because if you can't rotate this claymore to put near a wall then this claymore should kill with a 360arc. This is the problem, you should put this claymore everywhere but you can't... well... you can, but isn't usefull because you should put this...
  3. Johnny Rebel

    Low damage and useless weapon

    I played a lot with this game, i like this game, but how is possible that an M60 is so much weak? The Smg like ppsh and Mp40 have a low damage, like the other weapons. M60 have 7,62 × 51 mm. But M60 doesn't hurt in the stomach like the other weapons on Rising Storm 1. This is what M60 can do...
  4. Johnny Rebel

    NVA Vehicles/Squad Leaders

    I think that the point is one, when you put much variation of mg in general you don't improve the tattics like an Apc or a tank. You have right, but i think about the tattics.
  5. Johnny Rebel

    Snipers can't play well

    This map is Hill 937, but unfortunately this type of error happens in every map, for example in Apache Snow (in the point B), CuChi all the sandbag are invisible over the 150m. I understand that the Big objects in theory should be set to never go de-relevent, but in Red Orchestra 2 i could be a...
  6. Johnny Rebel

    The 255 problem

    Sometimes when you choose the map or the faction there is a bug, there are 255 votes that choice for all, every time i click in the 255's choice, so the vote become 0 (256). But now the problem is very big, because this problem choose to attack our own region (and i can't vote for my own...
  7. Johnny Rebel

    Snipers can't play well

    Snipers can't play well because you see the enemy, but you don't see the obstacle, sometime is a rock, sometimes are the sandbag.
  8. Johnny Rebel

    Compound a wonderful bad map

    Compound is the "Apartament" of Red Orchestra 2 on Rising Storm 2. But there is a problem, the attackers can't go over A if there are a lot of players. Because: If you go in the street you can't cover you Nobody can attack the enemy from the buildings because the defenders have more units that...
  9. Johnny Rebel

    Molotov and M34VP

    They have the same problem, you should burn if the flame is behind the sandbag, but...
  10. Johnny Rebel

    Grenade launcher and 30-bullet magazine

    I usually play for the south and i would more granade launcher, but i'm not talking about m1 Garand. I'm talking about the XM148 (1964) and about the XM203 (1969). 30bullet magazine should be there in the 1967 and not only in the 1972 like the game, maybe you can give this magazine for the...