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Recent content by Innociv

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    Thanks for the 20% off!

    It was great of you guys to give previous RO2 owners an extra discount. I've always thought that more companies should do this, but they don't. It's been years since I've seen such a thing.
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    [Music] Hitler and lesbians.

    YouTube - 【English Sub】 Hitler × Petain's maginot (Parody Song of magnet) Lesbian Hitler. Sugoi sugoi sugoi. YouTube - 【English Sub】 The Führer Sings "Ne-Ni-Ge de Reset" 【Lucky Star】 Also Hitler skirt. YouTube - 【English Sub】 To Aru Deutsch no Blitzkrieg (Parody Song of "only my railgun") A...
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    Proposal to rename RO:HoS to RO:FL

    Red Orchestra: Fallen Legions or something. Because, WoT is an alright game and all, and I like to LoL, but I'm just playing those to bide my time until I can RO:FL.
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    Need coding help - Failed loading package: Can't find file 'Axis_Kar98_1st.ukx'

    So I'm trying to put the RO kar98 in game but I get this error. My file structure looks like this: killingfloor/ROWeapons/Classes/Kar98.uc killingfloor/ROWeapons/Animations/Axis_Kar98_1st.ukx I tried putting the ukx in textures also.. still no good. Parsing all my other classes works fine...
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    We can't have dual deagles without a .577 or a .700

    Two of these! The shots instakill the zombies in front of you, then the gun flies out of your hands killing the zombies behind you! YouTube - 600 Nitro Express Handgun One of these would be acceptable YouTube - Arabs can ' t shoot + one European who shows. YouTube - 700 Nitro Express Ahaha...
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    KF Competitive mod idea (or versus)

    This idea spawned on the steam forums.. someone asking if KF was competitive. It got me thinking of an idea. Two teams of 4 players respawn at opposite ends of the map. Specimens spawn normally, attacking the 8 players evenly. The opposing teams can kill each other like a typical DM game...
  7. I

    So.. no random/intelligent spawning?

    I'm guessing we aren't getting this, and they'll just keep coming out from the predictable/memorizable spots on maps every time, otherwise something like "*Intelligent specimen spawning keeps things from being predictable" would of been on the features list.
  8. I

    "Randomized" levels

    This is what I'd like to see more than anything in the world to have in KF.. and I don't think it really needs to be that complex. It worked great for Diablo2. It had people excited by HGL, until being let down by the rest of the game. I always found in RTS games that any sort of...
  9. I

    [Game] Cryostasis out this month! Have to see this!

    Okay the graphics aren't awe-inspiring technically. It's pretty much 5 year old tech. Similar polycounts and textures to UE2.5 games, but there is bump mapping, good lighting, and nice post-processing. What makes it good is how they NAILED the atmosphere. Amazing artistry work. The...
  10. I

    Weapon hotkeys

    In KFmod ther are no hotkeys and the number keys are for voicebinds.. Most of the time I die is trying to switch to a weapon. :\ When you have 5 or 6 weapons it takes forever to switch to em.. They weren't even bindable! Maybe they were by editing ini, but they weren't in settings. It'd be...
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    [Game] Time Travel multiplayer RTS

    http://www.shacknews.com/laryn.x?story=57911 This sums it up I think: "Chris used a neat strategy against me in a memorable free-for-all game between him, Konrad, and myself. I launched a massive surprise attack on Chris's mining base, so he traveled back in time, prepared a large fleet to...
  12. I

    RO weapons KF!

    We obviously need a mod that's just taking the RO weapons and putting them in KF would be neat. :3 Along with deploying mg's and stuff, prone, so on.
  13. I

    Gripes with KFMod, suggestions on behavior, invisible walls, unique pathing, so on..

    I know KF isn't going to just be the mod thrown on steam and costing money. I know things are being improved. But seeing how there is no changelog, videos, and so on, I don't know what. So I'm just going to say my gripes with my mod, and how I wish they were improved. :D My biggest...
  14. I

    Dismemberment; Headshot only kills for hardest mode :D

    I'm sorry for spamming your forum with my awesome threads, but here is another thing: RO had some pretty awesome dismemberment with bloody stumps and bones sticking out too if I remember. However, this only happened at death. Might we be able to shoot live zombies arms off in they're left...
  15. I

    Lack of genitals disapoints me greatly.

    >[ They should have gross scars on their crotches so it makes sense. :D The nothing there looks weird. And where is the "specimens" that cling to the ceiling? Or are those in the game?! Cause that is scary. :3