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    [server browser] Go to top of list when sorting

    How about when I click the top of a column to sort the server browser (ex. sort by Players), instead of dropping me somewhere randomly in the middle of the list, you put me at the top of it? or rather, keep me at the top of it. That way I don't have to scroll up or down to find what I was...
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    Game is using my gamepads to mess with me

    Hi I had a problem when adjusting the brightness in the game. The slider would tick down by itself. Turns out the game is using my gamepads somehow to do that. I unplugged all my gamepads to make this stop. RO2 brightness adjustment mini-game - YouTube
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    Can't use space bar in lobby chat

    Hey I just noticed that I can't use the space bar in the lobby chat. If I press space it takes me back to the change role screen. Pretty funny. Never noticed it before because that screen is gone in seconds, but I was just sitting in an empty server. EDIT. Just had the same problem with the...
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    Sudden Sound and Performance Degradation

    Hi, I was playing on a large capacity server and after a few hours performance got really bad. The gameplay became very choppy and there was a lot of static in the game's sound. It got so bad that I had to quit the game (still seemed messed up on the menus). Before this happened, the game ran...
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    virtual memory error fix

    I did a little searching on the forum and nothing I found helped me fix this error. I dunno if this is mentioned here somewhere so I thought it might help to put this here... I have been trying to play RO today and for some reason I kept getting a 'ran out of virtual memory' error, or something...
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    Just wanted to say some things

    Well, I have tried the free week. It had been so good that I will be buying this game. Before I forget them, I want to start by saying what I don't like about RO (or just things that bothered me somewhat). I am not bashing the game in anyway. Just asking and commenting on things I didn't like...