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    remove mounted MGs, add more time in classic mode

    this is the primary reason, imho, why defenders win what seems like over 90% of the time in classic mode. tbh, removing this and adding like 5 or so minutes to every map would greatly help with balance. right now, reinforcement number doesnt matter since the map time always runs out beforehand...
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    bring back the ostfront voices

    spamming "v-2-2" aka nein or nikatyet, was an integral part of the ostfront experience for both me and my clanmates(and im sure for others as well). we would greatly appreciate it if, somehow, you could replace the german and russian voices for some of the commands (such as yes, no, heavy tank...
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    heroes in RS

    japanese heroes should be based off this man yes, i saw this on reddit. but this guy was truly a legend
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    how to get the most kills with a bolt action

    seeing as i wont be playing much hoes for the next few months, i thought that i might try sharing some of my wisdom for certain maps. im not all that good on commisars or redoctober so i wont have that here. and ive only played pavlovs like 5 times so im not sure what the main strategy for kills...
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    fixing spawns

    for the love of the FSM, please give us the option to spawn right away at a point as opposed to clicking on 1 or 2, and then pressing ready. too many times, i've just missed the spawn because of this and have had to wait for 25 seconds
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    thank you for reducing the assault and elites in the beta

    get rid of bandaging/add more one shot kills, and im sure most of the ostfront crowd will come back
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    bolt bullets invisible if manual bolting

    if you set your bolt to automatic bolting, you can see where your hipshots land (aka you can see the marks on the ground, wall ,etc.) whereas if you set it to manual bolting you can't see where your shots land (with seemingly random rare exceptions)
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    how many hours have you played?

    I've played 37.7 hours. the most on my steam friends list is 55.9 hours and counting I'm addicted:IS2:
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    hoes is MORE REALISTIC than ostfront

    ostfront was unrealistically difficult, and I will admit, that was a huge reason i liked the game. I play games for fun, and not realism. to me, ostfront was fun because of the unrealistic challenge it gave players (smgs are useless past 10 meters, bolts suck unless you have weapon rest, semi...
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    performance is perfect after the latest patch

    running everything on medium, shadows high, and motion blur, ambient occulsion, vsync, and one other option(forgot which one lol) off, and i am getting 30-40 fps, which is more than good enough for me. the only bad thing is i still drop to 10-15 fps in smoke. really, as long as they fix the...
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    cant post screenshots on steam

    apparently, the beta is no longer supported by steam community. it just says "in game" in the community area instead of saying playing RO2-HOS. and it no longer tracks the hours you've played in the community area, but it does in the library so basically, because of this, i can no longer post...
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    add more recoil/sway

    sorry if this is a repeat thread, but right now it is way too easy to run around hipshooting as the MG, and a skilled bolter can get 150+ every round because of the lack of weapon sway. not to mention the mp40 at long distances. right now, it seems that proning is useless because of the accuracy...
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    there might be hope in pc gaming

    i know its early days, but mw3 was only in the top 10 in steam bestsellers for 2 days, and now hoes is ahead of it.
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    bayonets are unlocks?!?!!?!

    first off, sorry for bad grammar/speling im on my phone right now iirc one of the previews said that the bayonet was an unlock. to be frank, i ma flabergasted by this decision. rambo buttsmack kills are much, much harder in ost than rambo bayo kills for me at least. thats like half my skills...
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    what was the gaming laptop that advertised with hoes?

    i did a quick search but couldn't find it, so sorry for the repeat. I was j dubs what the laptop was, where the site used some ro screenshot. iirc someone posted it on these forums a while back