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    Orders for efficient capping.

    In RO, the Squad Leader counts as 1.5 normal infantry when capping (if i'm not mistaken). While it makes an effort to expand the importance of SL, it isn't really realistic as the SL's task wasn't rushing at the front anyway (well, at least not according to German tactics.) So I had a crazy...
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    Simple question from a noob.

    Can I customize some of the sounds/music in RO and still be able to play on public servers as anyone else? Or does it interfere with anything?
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    Need to vent my suggestions for RO/RO2...

    Yep, been playing RO for quite some time now, but I'm still annoyed about those little things that keep RO from being the truly ultimate realistic FPS. Oh, and have patience with me if these suggestions already been posted elsewhere... I'm new to the forum. :) Here goes... Make all voice...