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    The 716ID sound mod

    What is the history behind the 716ID sound mod? Is it more realistic that the standard sounds or is it Hollywood? Who made it?
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    2 Questions from a newbie

    I'm quite new here and I have two questions. 1. Why are the first person arms and guns always in the same color no matter what enviroment they are in? For example at a foggy snowy map the arms are glowing like they were lit up by the sun (almost). 2. What sound number limitations are there...
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    Directions of voice commands

    First excuse me if this already has been discussed a zillion times. - Do you guys in the RO staff have any plans to make voice commands be heard from the right avatars and the right directions together with letting the volume fade with the distance in the future? [SIZE=3][FONT=Times New...
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    RO gamers are good actors

    I just wanna say thanks to the developers for including the possibility to spectate the game of RO. Especially the roaming function is great. For a couple of years now I have followed this game with anticipation and big hopes that it will be the best II world war game ever and in many ways I...