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  • Lol the link doesn't even work. Try harder. Or tell me what you were searching. And I like my posts just fine btw. Try to prove it better.
    Hey how old are you btw? Just because people dont like your idea doesnt mean that they are troll. If we would really be trolls, well.... your inbox would be filled with hate messages, we would have insulted you at least 20x times. Grow up man.
    Zips only gave infractions to us because he always want to give 5 infractions rather than 1 (1 would be you). Finally he locked your thread, think about this a soft infraction.
    Ok dude, good luck with starting anymore topics on the forums.

    PS. Everyone except you got infractions.

    PSS. Oh boy, you sure did pwn me. I wish no one will find out about this, especially not on the forums. Oh me oh my. Now can you go be an hero please?
    Uh huh ok. The reason everyone except you got infractions from Zips was because he pretty much knew that the thread itself was crap. He just enjoys giving people points.

    But it's not like you care; you think your thread is the ****. Lol.
    Oh yeah, you got your idea out to people alright, which explains why your thread got loxxed lolol.

    Listen, I don't actually care that I've gotten an infraction from Zips. Everyone in that thread except you got an infraction from Zips. Which actually tells us to stay away from you pretty clearly. It's a weird strategy, but I can see where Zips is going with this.

    Face and palm.
    Lol...you did not just quote from Wikipedia what a troll is, did you? Trolls aren't as simple as that. They cause drama, and that's what you did from your topic. Just look at all the responses that you got saying how stupid it was.

    That was you trolling, whether you meant it or not. Trolling posts aren't limited to responses. They can be thread topics too.

    Btw, you didn't provoke me, because I don't really care right now. I'm BS'ing my responses to you. However, you provoked a lot of people into responding to your thread and almost everyone getting infractions from Zips the mod.
    Dude I don't even konw what the hell you're saying. I do disagree with you in that you say that I troll and you don't. The disagreement is that YOU troll and I don't. So YOU stop wasting my time, or prove that I'm trolling kthnxbai.
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