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  1. Hans_klempner

    ROHos vs. Stalingrad pictorial comparison (large pics 56k death)

    Let's appreciate the awsome work of TW, for putting a great effort in to make the places look realistic, both on and off the maps. I had some historic images and I cropped them together with in-game screenshots. Naturally there has been several extra objects and buildings added to make the...
  2. Hans_klempner

    [Question] Player name tags and the 'cover symbol'

    Hello Everyone! Is there any way in the game files to disable the close-up permanent name tags and the "you may take cover here" symbol? It is a mere personal preferences of mine, and I would be more than happy to turn there text's off. Imagine this screenshot without the two things, I think...
  3. Hans_klempner

    [Error] Map Barracks does not load

    Hello! Coming back home from the weekend getaway, I noticed there is a patch and after download, proceeded to play the game. Up to today I have not successfully joined the map Barracks, except for one occasion. I am aware that this issue has been mentioned but, I have found nothing that was...
  4. Hans_klempner

    [How Do I?] Recorded Demos

    Hello There! One question. How Do I convert the demo's I record in RO, into viewable media file? I am not even sure under what name I should be searching. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Hans_klempner

    Tank battles in RO are Garbage.

    Hi! I've held this rant off for a while now, saying that-naw its not gonna be a major problem with RO. But today I experienced things that made my nerves crack, and get me extremely angry. First things that pisses the living soul out of me was those little BA b******s and killing tanks...
  6. Hans_klempner

    Pisses me off (not game)

    Hi Everyone! RO is great but my PC is trying to piss me off. I run the game, it runs nice and everything than it starts laging like a mofo, than it gets better but the fps is laggy, it doesnt stop. I cant play the game properly and I lose my mind. My pc is capable of running the game fine...
  7. Hans_klempner

    RO in Canada:Retail!*question*

    Hi Everyone! I am a brand new member to the RO forums, the game look fantastic, and can't wait to get my hands on it. Before all this excitement ive gota say 3 words: No Credit Card I am here in Canada and await the retail release of the game. The problem is that I inquired about this game...