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    Really 3369??

    Serverengine still reports as 3339, although the game version is reported as 1016. Additionally, I didn't experience a load reduction for the servers on our linux machine. This leads me to the conclusion that not all promised 3369 features are implemented yet. Fellow Admins, what are your...
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    Old mutator I found!

    Anyone interested? This one was used on some servers to get more realistic model colors (darker) in shady areas. Seemed to work quite well with RO Modversion. I just found it while looking through my RO stuff. Perhaps it still works...
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    German Soldiers are recruiting (EU, German speaking)

    The German Soldiers Clan, a WW2 gaming clan since 1999, are recruiting experienced teamplayers for the upcoming RO:Ostfront. We already had a small squad back in the days of the mod version. Now, with the greater audience, we hope to be able to build a competitive team for clanmatches. If you...