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  • Thank you for looking into my ban. I am sure you will agree it was unfair. TW also blocked me on Twitter for asking about it. As a KF fan for years i deserve better treatment than this. Steam user name abugaj

    Did you close my thread "Tripwire Redirect Maps & jfix Files?" I'm just curious. I had another question I was going to ask but I guess the thread got out of hand huh?
    Please help me Im desperate, I've been struggling with server perks V7 for 8 hours and I dont know what to do

    I play a game and I wanna make a server, so I decided to chane some stuff in the server. Here is the code I want to change>
    This is perk editing in the source code...

    class SRVetBerserker extends SRVeterancyTypes
    static function int GetPerkProgressInt( ClientPerkRepLink StatOther, out int FinalInt, byte CurLevel, byte ReqNum )
    switch( CurLevel )
    case 0:
    FinalInt = 50000;
    case 1:
    FinalInt = 250000;
    case 2:
    FinalInt = 400000;
    case 3:
    FinalInt = 600000;
    case 4:
    FinalInt = 1500000;
    case 5:
    FinalInt = 3500000;
    case 6:
    FinalInt = 5500000;
    FinalInt = 5500000+GetDoubleScaling(CurLevel,500000);
    return Min(StatOther.RMeleeDamageStat,FinalInt);

    The server has 100 perk levels, I want the maximum damage done in order to reach the 100th level to be 200 millions, how do I do that? I the damage is higher than 200 millions, people dont level up.
    @ Jynx, i'll gladly re-open your thread if you make it less hostile. You make some valid points, just poorly delivered.
    You just can't handle the truth about how the community is left unchecked, that's why you closed my thread, can you truly say that I was 100% wrong?
    Hey Gregs, I think I might have made two threads with the same topic by accident as I didn't think my first one went "through" so to speak. Would you be able to nuke one of them for me?

    I've just had a quick look on my HDD's but can't seem to find it. I'm just on my way to work now, but i'll have another look tonight. I'm fairly certain I still have it somewhere.

    Will upload as soon as I track it down.


    O hai dere. :3

    I was wondering if you could re-upload that KFmod music track pack for me, please? I'm sure you're busy, but if you could do that, it will be greatly appreciated! :D

    Thanks in advance C:
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