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Recent content by grazr

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    Game wont launch

    Verify Steam cache. Right-click on KF2 in Steam Library > Properties > Local Files > [Verify Integrity] Running the .exe redist files located in your SteamApps/common/killingfloor2/_CommonRedist location Update any device drivers you have to the latest available Delete your documents/my...
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    Snap to Grid?

    I'm just starting to use the editor and there are some basic things that are really annoying me. Is there a snap to grid function? This is a really fundimental tool for any editor and i'm surprised it's not easier to find. Whilst i'm hear i'm also looking for general tips that people may have...
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    Combat advice for first timers.

    Rating specimen threat levels: Since people's play styles differentiate, people will be victim to different specimens for different reasons. Thus making a comprehensive list would be fairly redundant. However, the one i note to be the most dangerous is the crawler. Here's my combat...
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    10 reasons why i hate the santa map

    1) It's so badly optimised. I have a 2 month old machine (i7, GTX 460 with 4GB DDR3) and this map makes my game freeze for a second or two fairly frequently. It's not even a top of the range engine anymore (but that in itself probably explains some of the poor performance, see 6). 2) The fog...
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    Demoman vs core classes

    Anyone else feeling that the demoman is a little redundant? I like to play demoman because blowing up fleshy things is fun... especially as an alternative to the other samey classes (bar fire bug). But what's not fun is expending more money per kill than the bounty provides, to the point where...