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Recent content by GossamerSolid

  1. GossamerSolid

    Anybody else find weapons too large on screen?

    You can increase the FOV all you want, but the weapons still stay the same distance from you. Frankly, I find they take up way too much room on the screen, especially compared to RO2/RS (where they didn't take up much room). What does everybody else think?
  2. GossamerSolid

    [Question] Ranked Servers allowed Bots?

    Are we allowed to have bots in our Ranked Servers? Thought I'd ask so I don't end up breaking a rule.
  3. GossamerSolid

    This is what happens when you have no sound on!

    Poor, poor pub. My friend (the german) found this pub sitting there and he repeatedly taunted him. Then I had enough time to run from spawn and get FRAPS running. Here are the results: RO2 - Noob Pub gets Bayonet! - YouTube
  4. GossamerSolid

    Why don't squad leaders or Elite rifleman have pistols

    For the record, this refers to the setting on Realistic Pistols. I understand that only the Sniper, MG and Commander have pistols. Why wouldn't an Elite rifleman or a Squad leader carry one?
  5. GossamerSolid

    [Tuning] Very Poor performance

    I'll start off with my server's specs: - Xeon x5675 @ 3.07ghz - 6GB Ram - Windows Server 2008 R2 We have tried 64, 50, 48, 32 and 24 slots for performance. Seems that at about 20 slots, the core gets maxed, then performance goes to crap. Here is a quote from the beta server hosting thread: If...
  6. GossamerSolid

    [Question] List of Ingame Admin Commands

    Could somebody please provide a list of ingame admin commands so I don't have to alt-tab to kick/ban somebody?
  7. GossamerSolid

    Pings are all 0 in Scoreboard

    As the title says, the scoreboard shows a 0 ping for all players.
  8. GossamerSolid

    Map Voting time broken

    I have the map voting time set to 30 seconds (default), but it seems that after 1 vote or so it switches automatically.
  9. GossamerSolid

    [Error] Weapons fire after spawning

    My weapon fired itself quite a few times after I spawned
  10. GossamerSolid

    WebAdmin picking up maps that don't exist

    The WebAdmin has all the different TE maps in the map rotation, but as I recall, Ramm said there'd be 3 maps in TE available in the beta. Won't this cause a server crash if it tries to go to one of the maps?
  11. GossamerSolid

    [Question] Anybody get the webadmin working?

    I followed the Webadmin instructions to enable it and configure it via the AdminPassword var in the ROGame.ini file. The problem is that when I go to the web admin site and enter the password, it just doesn't do anything. I don't get any errors, just doesn't log in. According to the webadmin...
  12. GossamerSolid

    [Question] Query Port?

    What is the default query port for RO2 and what is it defined as in the config files so I can change it.
  13. GossamerSolid

    Freedom in coding?

    I've mainly worked in the ArmA 2 community for game mode design. In ArmA 2, we have lots of freedom with our code. As some of you might have seen, we've taken the game and made RPG gamemodes and large scale map-wide conflicts to something like the popular "GunGame" mode made popular by the old...
  14. GossamerSolid

    Please Focus on PC then port to Consoles

    I am super pumped for RO2 to come out, but I'm hoping I won't be disappointed because there have been other games that have come out recently that are clearly designed for consoles then ported back to PCs. This is one game I hope that will retain it's style of play and difficulty and NOT cater...
  15. GossamerSolid

    Where are all the textures

    I got to office textures and all I find is curtains and stuff. I have to always resort to manor textures in order to be able to build a functional room. Where the heck are all the other textures? There's sooo many useless categories, it should be more like the Source Engine's Map Editor, you...