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    What would you like to see in Killing Floor 3

    "-If Catacombs proved something, is that people don't like dark maps. So that's a hard pass. " Idk if it's really that simple. I guess it's because they should have given us more tools to deal with the darkness effectively(more skills like flaretov for instance), generators to turn on or...
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    KF1 Stalker and Siren sounds mod?

    Is it possible to replace the files so I can get KF1 Siren and Stalker sounds/voices in KF2?
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    Sharpshooter needs a rebuild.

    The problem is not SS. The problem is the nature of KF2. Spamming zeds on all sides in tight maps will that to any Sniper class of any game. I get that KF1 was sometimes boring and too much "shooting gallery", but the pressure was higher and mistakes were punished more heavily. KF2 went in the...
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    Killing floor 2 is already good enough,please read this and stop destroying it with useless content

    Yep. They should focus on improving/reworking the half-assed ideas(Bad Perk Skills/Upgrades/Survivalist/Defense zones/Objective maps). Broken stuff like Medic + Zerk needs fixing too.(capping dmg reduction at 50% should help)
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    What would you like to see in Killing Floor 3

    - More horror atmosphere and music. - Zeds talking creepy **** like in KF1 classic(they don't seem to talk in KF2) - Better way to swap primary weapons when you have more than 2 - Balanced Skill choices. Too many skills in KF2 are simple better than the other option. - More in depth way to...
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    Survivalist needs more weapon swap speed/level

    I've seen a fair ammount of people asking for this, and it doesn't seem to take much effort to be implemented. Capping at 50% or 60% at level 25 Of course Survivalist needs some more changes than only the one in the title, but it would be a very good start. The class has always been somewhat...
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    Flex ever going to be fixed?

    Idk Borderlands 2 can work well with a few ini tweaks... There are probably more games but i don't remember.
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    Flex ever going to be fixed?

    Even when setting it to only Gibs* makes my fps drop to 20s randomly. So,,, I bought this game on early access and Flex used to run really well and now(been a while) it's just completely broken. That's quite disappointing, considering I bought the game in EA and I come back to the game from...
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    I really dislike QuarterPounds

    And I also think they could be removed from the waves. Make them spawn in KFP boss only. When wave 7/10 8/10 and later come I'm waiting for the epic 2 or 3 FP + SC fights and instead these little shits spawn and are quickly dispatched by a half decent Demolitionist. I also like playing as...
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    Heavy Stutter between waves

    First, specs: i5-3570K 3.4 Ghz 8GB DDR3 GTX 970 4GB 600W PSU In game settings most on ultra/high and Flex set to "Gibs" only(no fluids) Second, my problem: Heavy stutter(or FPS fluctuation) BETWEEN WAVES. As if fps goes crazy between 20-60... Even Looking at the ground(which renders less...