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  1. gimpy117

    SVT 40 for ealry war NLF and PAVN

    we need a gun to be a better more powerful option for early war, and, I personally think the SVT 40 could be an easy port from previous games to fill the gap. it seems likely the soviets sent a gun like this. does anyone have hard data backing this up?
  2. gimpy117

    Reporter and medic DLC uniforms.

    some times in Vietnam reporters and medics would e forced to pick up a weapon, would it not be neat to add player tunics and headgear in the game to reflect this? medics especially carried a weapon with them and there are many anecdotes of reporters with a gun in dire situations. I'd live to see...
  3. gimpy117

    Helicopters Need a longer re-spawn/repair time

    The title says it all...the repair time when you RTB with a damaged chopper seems to be far to low as well as the re-spawn time when you kill one. of course, there would need to be some time and ticket tweaks in chopper maps when you up the re-spawn time for choppers, but it feels pretty crazy...
  4. gimpy117

    american shotguns....

    what is wrong with them? the hunting shotgun and variants seem to be very, very solid weapons vs. the Ithaca which seems to have a much larger and less devastating spread with buckshot. I've pulled off 68 meter kills with the hunting shotgun (with buckshot) but the american shotguns seem very...
  5. gimpy117

    you lose by winning...

    I'm gonna point out a strange situation the should be fixed: you lose a match because you kill the last player on the enemy team on the second round, but, after losing all points on the first round you needed all the points and more reinforcements to win. after killing the last player, the game...
  6. gimpy117

    what do you think of the new weapons?

    so far by that I've seen: Xm21: works good. im guessing it needs to be recharged after each shot because of low pressure rounds. realistic. a bit of a niche gun PM pistol: feels like a really low power t33 except its way less accurate and has the same recoil (even though it's a lighter round?)...
  7. gimpy117

    can you set axis for helicopters?

    I have a setup of rudder pedals and a joystick. can i make them work with this game? and how?
  8. gimpy117

    Dshk needs AA sights!!!!!

    why are there no proper AA sights in game right now? helicopters need a legitimate counter. I'm also an advocate for AA guns (20mm etc)
  9. gimpy117

    Shotgun spread...has anyone tested it?

    I've been noticing tat shotguns seem not to be very effective when an opponent has only part of their body exposed to fire. I wonder if there is some way that treats the spread differently when the majority of BB's hit solid cover and only some strike an area like the head or part of the body
  10. gimpy117

    Have been noticing confirmed cheaters for the first time In an RO game

    Last night I was in a round with a guy, who, after having pulling 80+ kills for three rounds straight was finally only kicked for reason of Mic spamming. After looking up his profile "______" he has had "multiple previous VAC bans" and on e "game ban" yet, there he was obviously up to something...
  11. gimpy117

    I don't care about ay other guns...MP-40 for pointman

    I don't care about any of the other guns I reccommended! really...they would be nice...but we need to MP-40 for the US pointman and also NVA/NLF scout why? because the Mp-40 can bu used for both sides and is a two for one ANNNNND.... The grease gun. it's great! (but not really) this is...
  12. gimpy117

    why is the flamer back?!

    It's happening again, the flamer class has reared it's ugly head once again. who else feels that once again we need o reconsider access to this class
  13. gimpy117

    it seems there's a "haves and have nots" when it comes to spotting people at range

    it seems there's a "haves and have nots" when it comes to spotting people at range has anybody noticed this? it seems there is a certain percentage of the player base that seems to really have your number at almost any range. how are they doing this? wizzardry with the video settings? giant...
  14. gimpy117

    Moar guns. (ported from ro2 and rising storm)

    IRL the gorillas (vietcong) used many old WWII guns such as the type 38, k98, ppsh43, mp40,type 99,type 100, stg 44, p38, c96, m1895 nagant, G41, SVT-40, type 99 LMG, MG-34, MG-42,Type 96, f-1 grenade, and type 14 nambu as you might notice, all of the mentioned guns were lovingly re-created in...
  15. gimpy117

    Vietcong WWII weapons and levels.

    Since we already have a BUNCH or WWII guns made for Ro2 HoS and Rising Storm that are historic for the VC to use...ones like: -MP-44 -Nambu type 14 -DP-28 -SVT-40 -TT-33 -Nagant Revolver -P-38 -Mosin Nagant Rifle -Type 99 rifle -Mauser K-98 -PPSH-41 -PPS-43 -Type 99 LMG -MG-34 -MG-42 -PM M1910...