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Recent content by Garbonzo

  1. Garbonzo

    Biggest Sigh In History Of My Life

    and i don't give a crapola how bad mods censor me soooooo what ever its all gaben to me now...a gaben kinda world buying mkb,bayonets,semi auto rifles,tf hats,and all that other jazzz siiiggghhhhhhhhhh just so sad I learned to love everything sooo much and was really looking forward...
  2. Garbonzo

    Will This Be In 3d??

    Just played 3d gaming for the first time and im going to get me a setup for it now its utterly amazing im in shock for words just wow Will RO2 work in 3d??????
  3. Garbonzo

    Did They Have Triage Centers back then??

    Its like waaaaaay to late for this but I just thought of it so yeah. 1)Do you have unlimited band-aids in RO2??? If I get shot over the course of 10 mins or so,nicked in the arm and leg a few times do I have to keep bandaging over and over with respawning band-aids? 2)Or is it...
  4. Garbonzo

    AWEsome Achievement Idea!!!

    Seeing as how you can shoot threw multiple targets in HOS... Does this also mean a small arms fire such as 9mm will not go threw? Got me thinking about an awesome achievement I would kill to see in a game Saving your hero by jumping in front of him at the last moment and getting shot but...
  5. Garbonzo

    The German/Soviet Hero (How He Stands Out)

    So far from what I understand "at least I think" is that the hero will look all badass and rugged and war torn but I mean is that it? is that all a hero is? I understand its no damn Arnold Schwarzenegger running around but I want each person/hero to be differnt in a way. Like why hes a HERO...
  6. Garbonzo

    Will You Ban Griefers?

    Theres talk about VAC starting to ban for grief....I don't know if its true or not but yeeaaahh I would love this soooo much You may say oh just votekick/voteban from the server or get an admin to do it.....no no no Then the child will just join another server and do it more I am all for...
  7. Garbonzo

    I'm Crying Hard Right Now

    Tears Of JOY!...No joke,running down my face right now as I type this I can't hold them back sigh I'm so happy right now after seeing this trailer omg so happy I started to hyperventilate getting mad goose bumps and shivers.....then once I saw the :IS2: I started to bust out and cry omg...
  8. Garbonzo

    Encourage Teamplay

    A fav tactic I love to use in RO Is to be a class that has binocs while my friend has an MG I can use the binocs to tell him if he needs to aim up more or down more based on his tracer fire WE get some crazy kills from amazing distances from just a lil' team play Sadly in a public random...
  9. Garbonzo

    I really REALLY HATE kids online.Do YOU?

    I hate playing with children under the age of 16-17....I really really do Not only is the majority of them completly retarded run and gun style fan boys *COD,BC,CS,ECT,ECT* their girlish prepubescent voices make me want to blow my brains out due to lack of hope in this generation...
  10. Garbonzo

    Will RO2 Be Banned In Australia??

    I for one hope so,I don't want a water'd down version of red orchestra made just to please Australia,OR will it be like RO1 where the gore is just removed to please Big Brother infested governments? I love what the makers of Aliens Vs Predator say on this matter If Australia wont give adults...
  11. Garbonzo

    Experience Propaganda In Game

    I think it would be an awesome idea like say at the start of the missions for coop/1 player modes. If your a soviet soilder and you just heard the germans invaded stalingrad you go to your square or w.e and hear the speech by your officers or by stalin him self :X and get to be crowded around...
  12. Garbonzo

    Head Bob While Running

    What I Loved So Much About RO WAS THE WAY YOU MOVED! With the firearm never pointing in the middle of the screen unless you force it too!!! :D I would LOVE!!! to see your head bob up and down in a realstic fasion while sprinting In Arma2 They have it but it doesnt seem perfect to me idk why...
  13. Garbonzo

    Vehicle Position Bind !!Help!!

    Ok so my tardo friend decied to change my controls to his way I had them my way *im an uber arrow keys guy =D i just love the arrows* Ok so the only thing i need help with is the postions of the tanks and stuff when i press 3 i go to mg however now my 1 and 2 keys no longer work thanks to...
  14. Garbonzo

    Neck And Head =d

    Man the one thing i really hate about ro is when i want to dash accros a field but in order to look left or right it sacrfices my speed to be able to look left or right....and that rly sux I have no idea if this is possible or w/e but OMG once i saw it arm:A stole my heart...