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  • Hello!

    I wondered if you had any tips for getting a mutator whitelisted (other than making sure it's in the workshop + source is available, and waiting patiently).

    Is there anybody in particular that I should try to reach out to?

    There's a thread about whitelisting mutators
    Do you suffers with crash when you upload to workshop. Its funny because right now nothing option on my Upload Tools works, just crash. Now brew my packages works and the upload to workshop crashs.
    Yeah, I have a problem in my map. The textures don't change when I cooking and I can't get upload to workshop. I read in some thread who is a bug and TW is try to fix, but i don't know if they fix that. So I find you post and I see you have the same problem.
    sorry to bother but how do i install muts? :ci have many mods you made but i dont get it how to use it you say add whatever to command line, where is this?i dont get it im getting insane :c
    Check your PMs? Could you send me the mutator for max players upgraded to 32 that also states the correct amount of players on the server browser?
    but how to put buzzsaw the others has bugreport and the bugreport wont work so my final chance is buzzsaw and i hope it works so can u tell me how to put it in custom shop mut EX:(FMXWeaponBalanceV2.FMXFlareRevolverPickup)
    Cuz i got a problem with fmx weapon balance v2 about the flare revolver when i started to play with fmx weapon balance it directly exit the gmae then theres a bug i send report bug but not working
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