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Recent content by flashn00b

  1. F

    Summer 2020 beta: My thoughts

    The new map It's actually one of the better maps I've seen so far. While we're no longer killing evil clowns in steampunk environments, I think this map works extremely well with the game's pacing, and the combination of spacious and claustrophobic areas really works in its favour. Balance...
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    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    Hitscan that benefits from Vampire.
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    The game has become boring! Need to make it harder! idea!

    I think for a KF2 survival mode to work, I think it can still be mostly the same game, albeit with a much higher lethality for both players and zeds. For food, I imagine the trader pod can cook up some nutritious meals that can give you some buffs that can last a whole wave but if you'd rather...
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    The game has become boring! Need to make it harder! idea!

    IMO, i think difficulty could do with some reworks. Perhaps this could work? Beginner: Normal in its current implementation (Level 0-10 recommended) Normal: Hard in its current implementation (Level 5 to 15) Hard: Suicidal before the Summer 2018 event (Level 15-24 for multiplayer, recommended...
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    Neon Nightmares: My thoughts

    Biolapse Honestly, probably one of the worse maps that have been made in recent times. From my experience, maps like Evacuation Point, Blackwood Asylum, Monster Ball and Sanitarium are generally better since most firefights often devolve into S+M1 while hoping that a few stray bullets are...
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    What We Are Up To - A Piercing Freeze

    While I feel like the Survivalist's current skillset should be buffed rather than reworked outright, I don't think Lockdown can be salvaged. Perhaps this would be a better replacement? ZED TIME Grenadier: During Zed time, your weapons' magazines are bottomless! (They still consume ammo, though)...
  7. F

    What We Are Up To - A Piercing Freeze

    I must have misremembered, but I do know that calling a grenade bow "The Predator" is still valid for movie references, because Dutch Schaefer still fought the Predator with a bow that lobs grenades.
  8. F

    What We Are Up To - A Piercing Freeze

    I guess that's one way to differentiate a bow from the Crossbow, though I feel like more could be done if the compound bow was balanced for Demolitionist usage rather than Sharpshooter (Heck, they could call it the Predator in reference to how Schwarzenegger's character killed fought the titular...
  9. F

    What We Are Up To - Fire Downrange

    I hope "HRG Incendiary Rifle" is a placeholder name. I'm sure even people who are new to fantasy role-playing games can come up with better names like "HRG Balrog" or "HRG Wyvern"
  10. F

    Lack of cross perks?

    I feel like there are some weapons where cross-perking would greatly improve the usefulness of certain weapons while not necessarily making them overpowered. IMO, here's what I think would benefit from being cross-perk weapons Singular 1911 With the 1858 Revolvers doing the same damage, there...
  11. F

    Urgent changes to Mosin Nagant

    I still think that it might work better as a Berserker weapon first and Sharpshooter second because realistically, the only perk that can reliably exploit the "Extra bullet damage on bayonet stabs" would be the Zerker due to his damage resistance. Being a weapon that can also be used for...
  12. F

    Because people will cry for Firebug nerfs, my suggestion for the inevitable + a minor spitfire buff

    Hey, here's a crazy thought: How about we actually INCREASE the Firebug's damage output when he gets nerfed? Sounds paradoxical, but I think it's doable. Perhaps these changes would be preferable? Caulk n' Burn Base damage increased to 17 (was 10) Max ammo decreased to 50+250 Spitfire/Dual...
  13. F

    Make new weapons multiperk

    Non-Berserker melee weapons seem to be an extremely volatile thing to do if the Pulverizer on Demo and Hemoclobber on Medic say anything. Other guns you mentioned, I do agree feel like they need to be cross-perked. To add another weapon on the list of things that should be cross-perked, i'd...
  14. F

    Female Characters

    I think i've said some stuff about female characters in a post-apocalyptic setting. Having more women in the battlefield would devalue the whole apocalyptic part of the apocalypse and IMO, i dunno if the game should've just had Ana Larive as the only playable female. In hindsight, this would...
  15. F

    Option to prestige after rank 5?

    IMO, the current prestige levels should be buffed. I still think that we could do with alternate Tier 1 weapons for prestige ranks (i.e: starting with the 1897 as a Gunslinger instead of the dual 1858s) I don't think having alternate T1 guns as prestige rewards would necessarily be unbalanced...