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  • if you want to drop some of the characters for chapter 5 of your guide, the weapons portion, perhaps you could drop the description for the weapons and instead use the numerical dps values for primary and secondary attacks for each weapon linked to on this page. http://kf-wiki.com/wiki/Weapons. links to each weapons page could also help you cut down on characters.
    on a side note, on 5.19.1, demos and supports both get damage and capacity bonuses.
    5.20 the healing dart has its own resevoire seperate from syringe (similarly to shotguns having own ammo pools)
    I have check some site and play Killing Floor using CE to change the value from level 1-6, that's why I said the thread is perfect already :)

    *6.1*Field Medic and *6.7*Demolitions

    Thanks for the useful thread man!
    I though:

    *6.4* Commando
    Level 4
    Kill 1200 stalkers with Bullpub/AK47

    Ain't this right?
    Hi F8Knight,

    first of all, thank you for your "Tips & Tactics + Perk info"-Thread!
    I find it very useful!

    Here are some informations you were missing/not sure abut:

    *6.4* Commando
    Level 4
    Kill 1500 stalkers with Bullpub/AK47

    Level 2:
    - 20% faster Flamethrower reload
    - 20% larger fuel canister

    2422 HP to heal and ca. 400k shotgun damage to deal until I can confirm the level 4 bonuses for Field Medic and Support Specialist ;-)

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