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  1. Excalibolg

    Weapon Perks [Individual Weapon Leveling]

    Here's a video to show the concept: YouTube - Killing Floor - Weapon Perks Leveling Overview Any feedback :)?
  2. Excalibolg

    Custom Weapon class help (typecasting)

    I added some new variables that should be used for all weapons. My custom weapons set these variables, but I need some place to store some defaults. For this purpose I though I could simply use a class that extends Weapon. class CustomWeapon extends Weapon abstract; var byte Foobar...
  3. Excalibolg

    Game Info: Server not responding

    I got a linux server running and it seems to work fine and dandy. The server is in the master list, people can join and all the good stuff. The only exception is: When people right click my name in Steam and select "Show Game Info" they only see "Server not responding". Any idea what could cause...
  4. Excalibolg

    Store information on a weapon

    Is it possible without losing the information when you drop it? The Katana for example loses its bloody skin when it's dropped, wich isn't a big deal, but I'm storing a cooldown timer on the weapon and that's kinda defeating the purpose if you can cheat it by dropping and picking the gun up again ;(
  5. Excalibolg

    Reskinning 3rd person

    I'm reskinning some custom weapons that use the stock models. This works great for the 1st person view, but I'm kind of stumped on the 3rd. The MP7M for example is in KF_Weapons3rd2_Trip.mp7_3rd and the texture in there is set to the default one. Can I change this somewhere in the code or do I...
  6. Excalibolg

    Changing M79 Firing speed

    I want to make the M79 reload faster, but since it doesn't have a reload animation and just 1 long fire animation I obviously need to tweak that. KFFire has a GetFireSpeed method that checks the veterancy if it has a modifier for the active weapon. Works well and is used for the Lever Action...
  7. Excalibolg

    Extending Welder without overriding?

    I made a custom weapon that extends Welder for the nice "energy bar" instead of the ammo counter. Works good in Single Player, but on my dedicated it replaces the Welder entirely instead of just co-existing next to it. How do I fix that? Alternatively I'd also take a guide on how to make the...
  8. Excalibolg

    Vote on different configs?

    I know I've seen this on lethal_vortex server before: Basically in the mapvote GUI there was a listbox where you could select different genres (Doom, Story maps, Vanilla...) and it would show the maps belonging to that category. If you voted on a map of the Doom category the mutators for this...
  9. Excalibolg

    Access a clients Veterancy in a timer?

    PROBLEM SOLVED! See title. I'm using Marcos ServerPerks but I'm stumped on this :/
  10. Excalibolg

    Help with my first mutator

    It's my first adventure into Unreal scripting and I need some pointers on how to start... I tried making some simple "vampirismn" thing where you gain the damage you deal back as HP. class ExampleMutator extends Mutator; function TakeDamage(int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, Vector hitlocation...