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  1. EgreSS

    EgreSS's Challenge Thread

    I'm going to condense my threads into one and add any new additional ones I have in here. The Commando Challenge Original Thread: The Foundry Challenge Original Thread...
  2. EgreSS

    The Suburbia Challenge

    I had to propose one on the map everyone hates! :p --------------------------------------- You and your group of cop buddies are dining at the cafe when you get a call from dispatch. Dispatch says there have been numerous calls coming from the outskirts of town, frantic screams, yells, and...
  3. EgreSS

    The Foundry Challenge

    You and your friend(s) are working in the Foundry, installing new machinery in the new southern end of the factory. You decide to take a lunch break in the workers' lounge when you hear gunfire erupting from outside the factory gates. Bring along your nailguns, you go to investigate. You find...
  4. EgreSS

    The Commando Challenge

    The Challenge Difficulty: Hell on Earth Players: 6 Perk: Commando ONLY Weapons: Knife, 9MM, Grenades, Med-Syringe, Welder, Bullpup, AK-47, M4, MKb42, Thompson, SCAR, FN FAL Map: KF-BioticsLab Think you have what it takes to complete a onslaught using only commando weapons and what you're...
  5. EgreSS

    Russian Roulette!

    I first played with mr Amber. He showed me theh way to play and I played with my buddies. so, now we know where this came from! Russian Roulette. KF Style. Rules: 1. Each player must set same amount of pipes, while facing up. Try to spread out evenly. 2. Get a 6 shooter! M32 (M32 causes...
  6. EgreSS

    National Coalition Of Bananas Banana enthusiasts? Join away. :D PRO-TIP: Dr. Gary Glover = Banana :eek:
  7. EgreSS

    Clans invading Public Servers - Nusiance / Annoyance?

    I hate it when clans invade public server. Last night I got kicked from my own server as I joined spec. As I proceed to WebAdmin to lay down the law, they left. I was itching to bad to ban them. :mad: I mean if you gonna have a clan that plays KF, why not have your own server? Or go dedicated...
  8. EgreSS

    EgreSS+'s July 2012 Update Resource Thread

    My little "rant" about the update here: --------------------UPDATED GUN STATS + COMPARISONS--------------------------------------- ALL TESTS CONDUCTED WITH LEVEL 6 PERKS ON TESTMAP6P or TESTMAP6P_FIRINGRANGE on HELL ON EARTH difficulty(unless otherwise noted) Again, all damage values are...