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    [Mutator] Server Crash Recover

    Broken in recent version.
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    Killing Floor 2 - Steam/EGS PC Build 1101 Changelog

    When is the next update? and suggested to notice the location of KFEngine.ini in the steam announcements
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    Servers with custom maps cannot be joined

    Exactly this issue, the error code is strange. please fix it quickly
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    Incorrect value generation when recreate a KFEngine.ini even with steam

    Currently if i reinstall the game or reset the config, can't join custom server. Existing value: [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] AllowDownloads=True New value: [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] AllowDownloads=False What the hell is this? It's a ridiculous mistake...
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    Server Browser and Solo Gameplay Maps aren't loading

    Maybe some workshop items have problems
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    [SDK] Custom Landscape MIC no longer working

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    When buy a compound bow with a custom character, client crashes.

    it's a modded character, but i didn't made it.
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    When buy a compound bow with a custom character, client crashes.

    Now most custom characters can't be used. :(
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    [Mutator] Server Extension Addons

    The mutator is no longer needed. maybe ServerExt is broken
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    [Mutator] Server Extension Addons

    Weapons list is gone in the trader after update, please fix it add) If use a "CustomItems", the default weapons are gone
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    Support multilingual chat log

    Currently only works in English, Korean and others are broken.
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    Throw many freeze grenades of Sharpsooter, Client is crash (v1078~v1081)

    Now that you have started the thread start off by naming the category you best feel the bug falls into (PLEASE PICK ONE): Category: Bugsplat Reproducibility: Always Summary: I'm operate a RPG server. also other players have a same issue. there was no problem in the past. Description: Throw...