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Recent content by ductape3

  1. D

    Excellent work

    I just started up RO2 today after a fairly lengthy hiatus, and I want to say to Tripwire that you have done some excellent work on RO2. The shooting is the best that I have felt in a long time, the ambiance is amazing, with the reintroduction of death moans, pauses in the shooting can become...
  2. D

    Idea to increase introduction and circulation of user made maps maps

    It seems to me that the new maps that are coming out havn't seen much play. Granted there are a few which have made it into a regular circulation, but I believe that this would add to the playerbase that download the maps and help overall diversity. Would it be possible to get a Steam Workshop...
  3. D

    Scoreboard bug

    Just ran into a problem on Fallen Fighters where I would hit tab to look at the scoreboard and nothing would come up. Afterwards though all font wouldn't work (announcements of objective capture, hud on demand, etc.) the font would appear again after I had respawned, but would stop working again...
  4. D

    Game freezes upon entering Server browser

    The title explains it all. I opened the server browser and it froze. Here is the dump file. http://www.mediafire.com/?vs3343iv2lhofv2
  5. D


    Is anyone else keeping an eye on Rage? I'm surprised that there isn't a thread on this already. I love post-apocalyptic imagery and so far it looks very pretty. Curious how the game itself will turn out. YouTube - Rage: Official Dead City Trailer
  6. D

    How to deal with TKs in game

    I was just playing RO a little earlier, and the though struck me that in HoS, the system for punishing and forgiving tks needs to be worked on. In ROOST, 99% of the team kills are accidental, yet you need to type "np" or "forgive" in order to forgive the offender. My idea was to reverse the...
  7. D


    I found this article on PCG. Hawken is a mech game by an indie developer called Adhesive Games. It's set in a futuristic Ghost-in-the-Shell-esque city. I really hope this comes to fruition and it would be even better if it has mod tools. Human sized fps mod would be amazing. I love mech games...
  8. D

    Opinion on the Bloody screen?

    I was just curious what people think about the bloody screen trend in games nowadays. I personally don't mind it as long as it doesn't block up half of my screen and sticks to the edges. I think that it is a decent way of visually telling you that you have taken damage. I think its even better...
  9. D


    I know there have been a number of threads on bandaging, but I was curious about how a wound will effect the player persistantly. In ROOST when a hit wounded, the player would be slowed/accuracy impaired. For example, a leg wound would have an effect on movement for only 30 seconds or so. My...
  10. D

    Secondary projectiles?

    I was watching a video the other day on bullet penetration in some thread, cant remember which one, and was thinking that it would be pretty awesome if there were secondary projectiles. I was thinking something like where based on rough categorizations of the wall type (wood, brick, etc.)...