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Recent content by Ducky

  1. Ducky

    Unable to add more than 130 members

    There shouldn't be a member limit, but it depends on how many rows you allow on one page. If you did set that setting in your ini file to a large number (i know you did because you stumled in the broken paging bug in the beginning), then the UE3 engine will limit your number of rows (because it...
  2. Ducky

    Web Admin

    I have been (and still am) working for AMG on the web-admin and got a green-light from them to share info on that topic. The current state of the RS2 web-admin has not gone through any changes. In other words the current looks and feels of the web-admin are as good as equal as the RO2...
  3. Ducky

    Wave indicator at trader time is off by 1 wave

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: Wave indicator at trader time is off by 1 wave. Description: On any map, at trader time the wave indicator is off by one. If preparing for the boss wave, then the wave indicator tells us 7/7. Before this last patch it indicated FINALL or BOSS...
  4. Ducky

    Wb-admin not showing player messages

    Category: Web-admin Reproducibility: 99% Description: The messages typed by players in public chat are not shown in the web-admin chat console. This makes it impossible for the admin to communicate with the players (in case it's needed) without joining as a spectator. This happens on all 3 my...
  5. Ducky

    Map cycling stuck at same map

    I'me having a map rotation issue on 3 servers. If players do not vote for the next map, then the engine will always pick out the last played map. In other words the map will always be the same in case no one votes. Due to this players leave the server as soon as they see that the next map is...
  6. Ducky

    RO2 has an alergy for mutators with the name ReservedSlots

    Category: Code - Mutator Scenario 1: Create a mutator and name the binary ReservedSlots.u (just an empty mutator class is sufficient for the reproduction) Add the this to the server command line: ?Mutator=ReservedSlots.ReservedSlots Start the server At this point the server will crash...
  7. Ducky

    [Mutator] SmartLoader (white-listed)

    SmartLoader (white-listed) Revision 18 - Released January 5, 2014 Introduction This is a small mutator that will help preventing servers to go empty if a server admin needs to disable a mutator in the middle of a campaign. The idea If there are issues with a server and the server admin...
  8. Ducky

    Kick/(Session) Ban feature in ServerEx mutator

    I've extended the ServerEx mutator with a Kick/(Session) Ban feature. It's an improvement on the vanilla kick/(session) ban functionality. More details (including screen shots) can be found here. One of the screen-shots: Personally I think it's an improvement compared to the vanilla...
  9. Ducky

    [Template] Web-admin mutator settings class template

    Introduction: I've created a class template which enables easy creation of web-admin mutator setting pages. The name of that class template is TAdvMutatorSettings and it allows you to create a base-class for your settings screen at compile time. That base-class will do all the work behind the...
  10. Ducky

    TWI Ladder Stalingrad Semi finals now live

    The TWI Ladder Stalingrad Semi-finals are now live on twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/tripwireladder?utm_campaign=live_embed_click&utm_source=www.twiladder.com
  11. Ducky

    [Question] Error when updating server

    I'm getting the next error when I run SteamCmd and it is in the process of downloading the server files: At the end it staill says "fully installed". Does anybody know what this error/warning means and how to prevent it?
  12. Ducky

    TWI Ladder + Exploit Agent mutator

    TWI Ladder + Exploit Agent mutator I've been working for almost 3 months now on a mutator project which has as key feature the detection of ini exploits. This mutator was primary requested by ButchCassidy for the TWI Ladder, though there will also be a community version next to the ladder...
  13. Ducky

    [Error] Color codes from mutators end up on chat screen

    If a mutator uses the color definition code for his messages, then those codes will end up on the chat screen. The message will be displayed in the correct color, but it looks like: The root of this bug can be found in ROHUDColoredChat.uc at line 139. function...
  14. Ducky

    [Mutator] WhoGoesThere

    WhoGoesThere Beta 3 (rev. 14) I've created a mutator that adds some extra peripheral indicator settings to the web-admin interface. Settings: Web-admin: In-game steam workshop: Grayscale percentage (in %) Allows tweaking the gray scale of the indicator. A darker indicator is less...
  15. Ducky

    Ostfront battle chatter!

    For those that prefer the Ostfront battle chatter above the Heroes of Stalingrad battle chatter, but don't want to go trough the steps of having to manually overwrite the stock RO2 chatter cues. Well then you are lucky now. Slappy Cromwell and I teamed up and created a mutator that does this for...